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Heathrow Parking

Compare and save on Heathrow parking with Parkhero with our intuitive comparison tool. With us it is quick and simple to find trusted, great value parking options, whether you are looking for Park and Ride or Meet and Greet services. You can find the best price in just seconds and complete your booking in less than 5 minutes.

Booking London Heathrow Airport parking has never been easier! We have brought together some of the best and most trusted parking providers on our site to ensure you have a great parking experience. There is something to fit every budget whether you are looking for great value shuttle parking or the affordable convenience of valet parking.

No matter how long you are planning to park at Heathrow, whether a few days, a week or more, we can help you find the best service. You can secure some of the best prices with the Parkhero comparison tool. Book today and save yourself both time and money!


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Parkingtypes at Heathrow Airport

Meet and Greet Meet and Greet You drive directly to the airport where you hand over your car to a driver who will park it for you.
Park and Ride Park and Ride You drive to the chosen car park and will be driven to the airport with a shuttlebus.
Parking providers on Heathrow Airport are rated with a 8.4 on average Customers that booked through us rate the providers with a 8.4/10, based on 57 ratings.

Condensed Car Park Information

When searching for and comparing Heathrow parking options three things are key: price, location and trustworthiness. In the table below, you will find the best parking option for each in one glance.

No. of Car Parks Compared 7
Best Rated Top Rated Air Parker
List compared Best Value MBW Parking
List compared Closest to the Terminal  MBW Parking


Types of Airport Parking Heathrow

There are a lot of different options when it comes to Heathrow car parking, which can make it a bit of a headache to find the right service for your trip. A good way to start narrowing down your options is to consider what sort of parking service you are looking for.

To start with, car parks at Heathrow can be categorised into off-site car parks and on-site official car parks. On-site car parks are located on the airport terrain and are owned and run directly by Heathrow Airport. They are a convenient, but often expensive, choice. Off-site car parks in contrast are located just outside the airport and can be small family-run enterprises or large national chains. These unofficial services often offer the most competitive prices and are a great choice for longer stays.

You will also need to keep in mind that Heathrow has four terminals. This means that most car park providers split their services between Heathrow Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 5 parking with a separate service for Terminal 4 parking as it is located a bit further away.

Finally, parking at Heathrow can be further categorised by parking type. There are three options – Park and Ride, Meet and Greet and Park and Walk services. We will explore these options further below.


Park and Ride Services

Heathrow Park and Ride or shuttle services are amongst the popular parking services available at Heathrow, especially for Heathrow long term parking. They provide you with a guaranteed parking spot at a great value price usually with a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport terminal included.

You simply turn up on the day, park in a drop-off zone, check-in at reception and then hop on a shuttle bus to the airport. Most transfers take around 10 minutes and many services run on-demand to avoid long waits. As this service is bit less convenient than Meet and Greet or Park and Walk services, you get to enjoy some of the cheapest parking rates at Heathrow.

You can find out more about Heathrow Airport Park & Ride services on our dedicated page.


Off-site Parking

Air Parker Park and Ride HeathrowAir Parker

For great value prices Air Parker Park and Ride is a top Heathrow parking choice. The service has separate services for Terminals 2, 3 and 5 and for Terminal 4 with shuttles running regularly and taking just 15 minutes between 5am and midnight. Staff here are friendly and professional and despite the low price, you can always rely on a high-quality experience. The car park has been consistently been one of our best rated car parks by customers at 9.1/10.


Looking4 Orange Park and Ride HeathrowLooking4 Orange

With Looking4 Orange shuttle parking service you can enjoy a great start to your trip. The service is simple to use with helpful staff on hand to direct you and ensure your trip begins and ends smoothly. Shuttles run regularly and will have you at the terminals in just 15 minutes between 5am and midnight. Plus, there is an onsite bar and restaurant to start your holiday early!


Blue Circle Park and Ride HeathrowBlue Circle

The Blue Circle Park and Ride service is located just 4 miles from the airport and was formerly known as Drivefly. It offers you fantastic 24/7 security for your vehicle including CCTV and regular patrols and will have you at the terminal in around 15 minutes. Shuttles run on-demand to limit waiting times and there are separate services for Terminals 2 and 3, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.



Official Parking

Long Stay Park and Ride HeathrowLong Term

At each Heathrow terminal you will find an official long-term car park. If you are travelling on a shorter trip, they can be good value, but on the whole off-site parking is cheaper. These car parks are self-service, meaning you will need to drive to a barrier and take a ticket to enter. The buses run every 10 minutes and take between 5 and 20 minutes to reach the terminal.


Business Parking Park and Ride HeathrowBusiness Parking

For those busy business people looking for a quick and reliable Heathrow Airport parking service, the LHR Business car park is a good option. Like the Long Term car park, is a self-service car park where you take a ticket at the barrier and find you own space before boarding the shuttle. Buses run more frequently from this car park and take just a few minutes to reach the terminal. It is only available at Terminals 2, 3 and 5.


POD Park and Ride HeathrowPOD Parking Terminal 5

POD Parking Heathrow Airport is a fun service that is connected to the terminal by a unique, electrically powered, driverless vehicle. The car park is self-service requiring you to take a ticket at the barrier and find your own space. The PODS run on-demand and take only 7 minutes to reach Heathrow Terminal 5.




Meet and Greet Services

If you are looking for convenient parking at London Heathrow, you will not find much better than a Meet and Greet service. Although more expensive than a shuttle service, Heathrow Meet and Greet or valet services allow you to drop your car off directly outside the terminal or a short distance away. It will then be parked for you by a professional, insured valet driver at a secure car park and brought back on your return.

It is a popular service with those looking to save time, those with a lot of luggage and larger groups, including families, as you can walk just a few minutes to the check-in desks. When you return after a long, tiring trip, you can simply meet your car just outside the terminal and start your journey home. No buses and no waiting around either!


Off-site Parking

MBW Meet and Greet HeathrowMBW Parking

With MBW Parking you not only enjoy fantastic, professional and friendly service, but you also save money too. This Meet and Greet service offers much better value than the official valet service at just £9.52 per day with the same high-quality service at all terminals. Drop-off your car with confidence with MBW and walk just a few minutes to the terminal entrance.


Stress Free Meet and Greet HeathrowStress Free Parking

Stress Free Parking offers a Heathrow valet parking service that does what it says on the tin. With the friendly and efficient staff you will be able to hand over your car safe in the knowledge it will be kept sage and secure. While you are away your vehicle will be kept in the high-security off-site car park and will be returned to you by a professional, fully-insured driver. This service has been rated at 9.1/10 by our customers.


Air Parker Meet and Greet HeathrowAir Parker Meet & Greet

The Air Parker Meet & Greet service is a reliable, great value parking option, much like its Park and Ride service (see above). You can drop-off your car directly in the ‘Drop-off’ zone at each terminal with a uniformed driver. The vehicle will be driven a short distance to the off-site car park and kept secure with excellent security measures until your return. With this service, you can easily shave off 30 minutes either end of your journey compared to other parking options!


Official Parking

Meet and Greet HeathrowMeet & Greet Parking

The official Meet and Greet Heathrow service can be found in the airport’s Short Stay car park, just a short stroll to the terminal entrance (all terminals). It is the ideal choice if you are looking to limit the amount of time with your luggage or want to avoid multiple transfers with small children. The service is available between 5am and 10:30pm and your car will be kept secure in the onsite car park. Keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive services at the airport.



Park and Walk Services

If you are looking for parking near Heathrow Airport, you will not find a service closer than a Park and Walk option. All of these services are official and offered directly by the airport itself on the airport terrain. Park and Walk services are very convenient, but are amongst the most expensive services offered at Heathrow. We do not recommend these services unless you only plan to stay a few days!

Short Stay HeathrowShort Stay

There are Heathrow Short Stay car parks at all terminals within walking distance of the terminal entrance. It is a self-service product requiring you to drive up to the entrance barrier and take a ticket. You will need to find your space in the multi-storey building and can then make your way to the terminal on foot in just a few minutes. With close proximity to the terminal, you can also rest assured that your car will be kept secure with the addition of airport security.



About Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the busiest airport in Europe and the second busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic. Its convenient location close to central London and its array of destinations and airlines make it a major international transport hub.

The airport is the main base for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, as well as serving 81 domestic and international different airlines. It continues to grow with more than 75 million passengers passing through every year and plans to expand the airport further with a third runway.

Pre-pandemic Heathrow facilitated an average of 1293 flights a day to around 200 different destinations. This means that over 200,000 people passed through every day, creating high demand for Heathrow Airport parking.

London Heathrow Terminals

With so many people and flights to destinations across the globe, Heathrow has 4 large terminals to accommodate demand. All terminals are linked by the free Inter-Terminal Transfer service and it is quick and simple to travel between them.

The airport traffic is split per terminal:

Terminal 2

Heathrow Terminal 2 is a base for mostly European flights with some long-haul destinations. It is served by Aer Lingus, Air China, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, and United Airlines amongst others.

Find more information on Heathrow Terminal 2 parking here.

Terminal 3

At Terminal 3 Heathrow you will find long-haul flights to North America, South America and Asia with airlines including American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic amongst others.

Explore Heathrow Terminal 3 parking here.

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 at Heathrow serves both long-haul flights across the globe and European flights from major airlines including Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, KLM, Qatar Airways and Royal Air Maroc amongst others.

Find more information on parking at Terminal 4 Heathrow here.

Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 is used exclusively by British Airways and Iberia with both long-haul flights and short-haul European destinations.

More information on Heathrow Terminal 5 parking here.


Heathrow Parking Made Simple

Choosing the best London Heathrow parking option for your trip can be difficult, but with Parkhero your decision can be made so much easier. With our experience in the field since 2013 we know how to find you great value parking around Heathrow and can show you all your options clearly on one page. No need to trawl multiple websites and you can book directly from Parkhero in just 5 minutes. Unlike many other websites, Parkhero does not charge you a reservation fee, so you can enjoy great parking with no added costs.

By using our website and booking in advance, you can easily save up to 60% on parking for your trip. Whether you are looking for short term or long-term parking, uncovered or indoor, on-site or off-site parking Parkhero can help you find the best prices for Heathrow Airport car parks.


Coronavirus Precautions

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are a number of changes for travellers from Heathrow Airport.


All car parks available on Parkhero for parking at London Heathrow are open and operating with Corona measures in place. This includes social distancing measures, a face mask requirement, regular cleaning of facilities and frequently touched areas of vehicles and Perspex screens have been installed where appropriate.

Shuttle buses will run at a reduced capacity and you will be required to wear a mask while on board. Make sure to allow more time for transfer to the airport from the car park.

If you need to amend or cancel your booking due to COVID-19, please visit our dedicated FAQ page to find out more about our terms and conditions.


At the airport

Heathrow Airport has taken all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of both travellers and staff.

The measures in place:

  • Face coverings are mandatory for all those over 11 years of age
  • You will need to keep 2 metres distance from staff and other passengers
  • There are one-way systems in place
  • Hand sanitizer stations at frequent intervals
  • Regular cleaning is done
  • Perspex screens in place at counters

Due to falling passenger numbers and reduced flight timetables only Terminals 2 and 5 are currently in operation. All flights from Terminals 3 and 4 that are still running have been moved to these terminals. If you are unsure if your flight is affected, make sure to contact your airline.


Find out more

Looking for great value Long Stay parking at Heathrow? Read our blog for top tips.

Want more information on Heathrow Arrivals or Heathrow Departures? Check out our dedicated pages.

We can also help you choose a Heathrow Lounge and give you some guidance on Duty Free at Heathrow.


Official services provided directly by Heathrow Airport are not available to book on Parkhero, for more information you will need to visit the official website.

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