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About Parkhero

With Parkhero, you can easily and reliably reserve a parking space in all relevant airports for British travellers. On this page, you can read what we stand for, what we can do for you, and how Parkhero originated.
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What we stand for

We at Parkhero work with a number of principles that we find important. Throughout our platform, we help you as a traveller in informing, comparing and reserving airport parking places.
Our main goal: To help you find a suitable parking space during your trip.
We would love to help you on your way!
Onafhankelijk Independent You compare a wide range of parking facilities independently. We provide the necessary information for this, but do not influence your choice.
Betrouwbaar Reliable Parkhero only shows you reliable parking providers, as reflected in the customer ratings for these providers.
Klantenservice Lowest price We use the same price as the parking provider and do not charge reservation fees.
Veilig reserveren Secure reservation You reserve and pay in a secure environment. Your data is only used for the booking and is never passed on to third parties.

How Parkhero came into being

It was 2012 when Jeroen (Parkhero’s owner) noticed trouble in the market of airport parking. Damage, parked cars in residential areas and driving extra kilometres with someone else’s car appeared regularly in the media. All of this made him think.

At the time, Jeroen was a 20-year-old student living near Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands. He started with an in-depth investigation, and for him the results for decisive. For example, he read consumers were lured with parking at Schiphol Airport for misleading prices of €1.80 per day. The plan to stop this chaos and help consumers find the cheapest, but also a reliable, parking provider, was launched.

So in 2013, one year later, the Dutch platform Vliegen en Parkeren was born, a website where you can compare reliable airport parking spaces based on price transparency. With the success of the Dutch platform, the company decided to enter the British market and help British travellers in their search for affordable and quality parking. Since 2018, we have been active in the UK under the name Parkhero.

Vliegen & Parkeren

Hi, I’m Tony. Nice to meet you!

I am your personal adviser, and I help you to find a reliable and cheap parking space at the airport! You can come to me with all your questions and I give you personal tips. Together with my colleagues, I make sure that you can go on holiday with peace of mind!

What our customers say about us

We can tell you what we are good at, but of course you would rather hear from the experts themselves, our customers!
Good, efficient and friendly communication.
It was a simple process to arrange parking.
Good price comparison, attractive rates and clear descriptions.
The site is simple, you have plenty of choice and it is not expensive.
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Parkhero is connected to the Feedback Company, where customer reviews are collected. They ensure the reliability of the written reviews.

Quality mark

We are affiliated with the Webshop quality mark, whose terms and conditions can be found here.

This quality guarantees you that:

You can pay safely;
You know with which party you are making a reservation;
Your privacy and data is protected;
There is an independent dispute mediation;
All terms and conditions for obtaining the quality mark are fulfilled.

In other words, you can be sure of a reliable purchase with Parkhero.
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