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Airport Parking Edinburgh - Compare and Book

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest airport and offers flights to 130 destinations from 33 different airlines. It serves 12.4 million travellers a year and has 2 runways. The airport first opened as a military base during World War I in 1916 and only became a commercial airport after the Second World War. Since then the airport has continued to grow with recent £125 million investment creating a brand-new terminal with new retail and check-in facilities. 

Edinburgh Airport is easily accessible by car, rail and bus. It is located on the Glasgow Edinburgh Road (A8) and in easy distance of the M8, M9 and M90 motorways. It’s accessibility and popularity make Edinburgh Airport parking highly competitive, with a great choice of parking providers to choose from. Parkhero can help you make the right decision and save time and money on your trip. Since 2013 we have made it our business to know all there is to know about airport parking and can help you find the best value EDI Airport parking options. It is easy to use Parkhero for Edinburgh Airport parking compare and see all your options on one page. You can book your parking in just 2 minutes without having to create an account and best of all you will not be charged a booking fee!

Address EH12 9DN, Edinburgh,
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Begin your journey well prepared

1 Compare Compare parking options with reliable parking providers.
2 Book online Select parking with preferred options and pay safely online.
3 Park you car easily Show your booking on your phone or printed when arriving and park your car.
4 Stress-free travelling Enjoy your vacation knowing your car is in safe hands.

Begin your journey well prepared

Make car parking Edinburgh Airport stress-free and simple with Parkhero and be well prepared for your holiday. We all know that travelling can be stressful, especially when using a service for the first time, but we will ensure that you are well informed. All of the parking providers on our site have a detailed description of their services so that you know exactly what you are paying for. If you want parking near Edinburgh Airport, then that is exactly what you will get! You can make bookings for Park and Ride services up to 2 hours before your arrival and up to 12 hours for Meet and Greet services. Just enter your travel dates and parking preferences and you will see all your parking options live on our site. You can complete your booking in less than 5 minutes and make the most of your trip!

Parkingtypes at Edinburgh Airport

Meet and Greet Meet and Greet You drive directly to the airport where you hand over your car to a driver who will park it for you.
Park and Ride Park and Ride You drive to the chosen car park and will be driven to the airport with a shuttlebus.
Walking distance Walking distance You park the car yourself and walk with your luggage to the terminal.

There are different types of parking services available at Edinburgh Airport, each with its own specific advantages. You can choose from Park and Ride, Park and Walk or Meet and Greet services. A good way to choose between them is to decide how much convenience you are looking for at the beginning and end of your trip.

With Park and Ride you will need to park off-site in a secure car park and catch a regular shuttle bus to the airport. Shuttles either run on demand or every 10 to 15 minutes and take between 5 to 10 minutes to reach the airport (you can find more information about Edinburgh Park and Ride services here). With Park and Walk services you park your car in one of the official car parks at Edinburgh Airport and are in walking distance of the terminal. There are Mid Stay or Long Stay options available. Finally, with Meet and Greet services you get to drop-off your car directly at the terminal with a driver. It will then be parked off-site in a secure car park and brought back to the same point when you return. You can also save money on these options by choosing the Non-Flex option. These options are cheaper as they cannot be cancelled or amended, but are perfect for those with confirmed travel dates.


Why book your airport parking with Parkhero?

Since 2013 Parkhero has been helping travellers find good value airport parking across Europe. Our platform is easy to use and helps you save time and money, so that you can better enjoy your trip. All you need to do is enter your travel dates and parking preferences and you will receive a list of all available parking services. With Parkhero Edinburgh Airport parking compare you can easily see how far each is provider is from the airport, the facilities offered by each and the prices. Bookings can be made in less than 5 minutes as there is no need to make an account before you book. Even better, we do not charge you a booking fee, allowing you to save more money on your trip!


We provide you with as much information we can about the parking services on our platform to allow you to make an informed choice.


We provide you with honest customer reviews for each parking provider and always ensure we provide you with a high-quality service.

Lowest Price

We do our research so that we can provide you with the best possible prices, but if you find parking cheaper elsewhere be sure to let us know.

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Your personal and payment details are kept 100% safe with Parkhero – we have been awarded an SSL certification and all payments are handled by MultiSafepay.

We value your opinions

Customer reviews are important on Parkhero to help you make your decision about which parking provider suits you best. On each provider page you will clearly see honest customer reviews of their experiences at the car park. When you make a booking with Parkhero, you will be asked to leave a review about our service and your experience at the car park. This is important to us, so that we can improve our services where necessary and help our customers make an informed choice about their Edinburgh Airport parking. We value your opinions!

Long Stay Express Official
9.6 Excellent!
Long Stay Express Non-Flex Official
8.7 Good
Long Stay Non-Flexible
8.9 Good
Mid Stay Official
7.8 Ok
Terminal Surface Non-Flex
9.3 Excellent!
Terminal Surface Parking
9.1 Excellent!
Terminal Multi Storey Official including Fast Track security
9.3 Excellent!
Low Cost Airport Parking
8.2 Good
Maple Parking
9.5 Excellent!
Maple Parking Meet and Greet Non-Flex
9.1 Excellent!
Flying Scot Edinburgh
8.9 Good
Secure Airparks Early Bird Non-Flex
9.7 Excellent!
Edinburgh Airport

Book your Edinburgh Airport car parking with Parkhero and save time and money on your trip.

Parking providers on Edinburgh Airport are rated with a 9.0 on average Customers that booked through us rate the providers with a 9.0/10, based on 34 ratings.
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