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Tips 04 Febr 2020

Top 5 Cheap Edinburgh Airport Parking Services

Top 5 Cheap Edinburgh Airport Parking Services

As one of Scotland’s main airports, Edinburgh Airport parking has a lot to offer. We have listed our top 5 airport car parks that are equipped with great service, security and shuttle buses in order to make your trip as easy as possible (please note that not all of the products are available on our site). Below you will find information about the airport car parks available to you, including pricing and facilities.



#1 Low Cost Airport Parking  |  £25.00/8 days or £3.13/day

Low Cost Park and Ride Edinburgh AirportIf you are looking for a low cost, good quality service, Low Cost Airport Parking is the car park for you. This car park boasts excellent security with regular dog patrols, and CCTV to ensure your vehicle remains unharmed, as well as flood lighting and fencing to guarantee its safety. This low cost option doesn’t skimp on the essentials with most size vehicles permitted. Located just 10 minutes from the terminal with buses running every 5–10 minutes, you can travel with ease. At only £3.13 per day or £25.00 for 8 days you can be assured that you will save money.  


#2 Flying Scot  |  £35.00/8 days or £4.38

Flying Scot Edinburgh AirportFor the ultimate cheap car parking Edinburgh Airport, the Flying Scot Park and Ride offers that for £35.00 for 8 days (£4.38 per day) you will be getting excellent service. This is why Flying Scot comes in at number #2. This Park and Ride service is just a 3 minute ride to the airport terminal with buses runnning every 15 to 20 minutes. This car park also has a Police accredited Park Mark award for security. The grounds are patrolled 24/7 and the vehicles are secured and monitored with CCTV. It offers great value parking!



#3 Mid Stay Official  |  £57.99/8 days or £7.25/day

Mid Stay Official Edinburgh AirportIs assured security for your vehicle at a low cost what you are looking for? Mid Stay Official offers exactly that. Keep your keys and feel secure with regular patrols, exit barriers 24/7 and CCTV. Mid Stay Official is run by the airport and is within the airport boundary for additional security. It offers fantastic security and is cheap car parking near Edinburgh Airport. Shuttle buses are not necessary as you can walk to the terminal in 5 to 8 minutes.



#4 Long Stay Official  |  £58.99/8 days or £7.37/day

Long Stay Edinburgh AirportFor brilliant valet service and cheap parking near Edinburgh Airport, the Long Stay Official is the ideal car park. Simply drop your car off at the entrance and hop onto your transfer bus. Transfers run every 8 minutes and you will reach the airport within 5 minutes. It has a Park Mark Police accredited award for security including 24/7 car patrol and CCTV. At the end of your trip a valet will meet you with your car. The car park is officially run by the airport and gives great cheap car parking Edinburgh. To park for 8 days, it will cost you £58.99 or £7.37 per day.



#5 Secure Airparks Non-Flex  |  £39.99/8 days or £5.00/day

Secure Airparks Non Flex Edinburgh AirportOur first cheap airport parking Edinburgh is Secure Airparks Non-Flex. If you have the exact dates of your trip, then this car park is perfect for you. At just £39.99 for 8 days or £5 per day, Secure Airpacks prides itself on great service. You can park your car yourself and keep your keys. Buses run every 5-10 minutes and reach the airport within 3 minutes. This is a 24/7 service. Ypur car is safe, as this car park has a Police accredited Park Mark award and is monitored by regular patrols, CCTV and fencing 24 hours a day. Please note that it cannot be amended or cancelled.

The prices above are based on parking for 8 days in May 2019 with a reservation a month made a month in advance.


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