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What if my car is damaged at the car park?

If your car is damaged at the car park make sure to directly notify the parking facility. Insurance rules require you to report it at the parking spot itself. It is recommended that you also take some pictures or videos. If you have opted for valet parking, make sure to thoroughly inspect your car.

What if I have a complaint?

We apologize for any bad experiences that you may encounter at the parking facility. We encourage you to report your complaint directly to the parking company and record video or take pictures if necessary. Submit your complaints directly to us by email for our official records. If your car was damaged you are required to directly file a complaint with the car park.

What are the operating hours of the car park?

Most car parks are open for business around the clock. If not it will be indicated in the car park’s icon. Parking facilities that are not open around the clock take the earliest and latest flights at the airport into consideration, including possible delays.

What if my flight is delayed?

This is no cause for worry as we are aware flights at times experience delays. The car park shuttle service also has a flexible schedule. Contact the parking provider as soon as your flight is re-scheduled.

What if my arrival at the car park is delayed?

You should the car park know directly. The telephone number can be found on your booking confirmation.

How can I locate the parking facility?

The address is provided in the confirmation email.

Will pictures be taken of my car and odometer (mileage)?

Most parking companies will check over your car for existing damage when you

drop it off. However, not all will take photographs, they may simply record

damage in a form. For peace of mind, we always recommend that you take your

own photographs of your vehicle before you drop it off and take a note of the


What if I can't take my keys with me when departing the airport?

You can leave your keys with the parking to be safely stored until your return. They won’t use the keys to drive your car unnecessarily, but it may be necessary to occassionally move your car to make the car park more manageable.

Will the parking provider be driving my car?

The parking facility only drives your car when necessary. They only drive it when they need to keep the facility controlled and running smoothly, and when they need to drive your car back to you at the airport for you to drive home.

What is the maximum size vehicle I can park?

Parking spaces usually do not have a headroom when your car is parked in the open air.


With covered parking you can maintain a maximum clearance height of 1.90 meters.


Parking spaces are adapted to standard passenger cars. If you need an extra large parking space (for a camper, bus, etc.), the parking companies often charge a surcharge.

What time should I arrive at the car park?

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before you need to be at the airport because it takes around 30 minutes to bring you and your luggage to the airport.

Is the parking facility reliable?

We always guarantee reliability! We only work with experienced and reliable partners with high ratings and good reviews.


How many parking types do you have?

We have four parking forms: valet parking, shuttle parking, park sleep and fly, and parking at walking distance. Visit our ‘parking types’ page for more information about each service.

What is the shuttle parking process?

You park your car at the car park where you will be provided with all relevant information before boarding a shuttle bus with a flexible schedule to transfer you and your luggage to the airport. When you land and are ready to be driven home, you call the shuttle service to pick you up at the location discussed during departure. You can find more information on each car park’s website.

Do shuttle buses have times of operation?

It depends on the parking provider. Some shuttles run in 5-minute intervals, while others may run in 15-minute intervals. Some shuttles may run on-demand so you will never have to wait.

Are the shuttles wheelchair accessible?

This depends on the individual parking facility. Some shuttles are wheelchair accessible, while others require the wheelchair to be collapsible. Check the information page for the parking facility or contact our customer service team directly.

What is the carrying capacity of the shuttle bus?

Each parking provider has unique shuttle buses, so you will need to check the information on their page to confirm the carrying capacity.

Shuttle parking: where should I hand over my car?

The hand-over location will be stated on the provider page and on your

confirmation email. Most car parks will also have signs and staff on hand to make

the process as simple as possible.

Will my car be insured during valet parking?

You will need to check with your car insurance provider whether or not your

vehicle would be covered when being driven by a valet driver.

Most valet parking companies provide professional drivers who have been fully

insured to drive your vehicle.

How do I recognise the driver with whom I'll check my car?

The driver will be wearing company branded clothing. You have to provide information such as colour, brand, and number plate so that they can quickly recognise you.

I have reserved valet parking, where should I hand over my vehicle?

The driver will arrange a meeting point with you. It is usually near the departure hall. Remember to call the parking provider 30 minutes before your arrival so that they can meet you there. Their phone number will be provided on your booking confirmation email.

Do you support motorbike parking?

You can park your motorbike at the parking facility. You will need to let the parking facility know via the ‘comment field’ in the reservation form.

Where will my car be parked?

Your car will be parked securely in a closed parking area for the duration of your trip. For security information about each car park, please see the dedicated provider page.

Does the parking facility have disabled parking spots?

Not all parking facilities offer this service; you’ll have to check the information page of the service provider to confirm. If you would need further assistance please contact our customer service team.

Can I use a different car?

Yes! Just let us know the license plate and we will update your reservation.

How long will it take the shuttle bus to take me to the airport?

The estimated time it takes to get from the car park to the airport will be specified on the car park's individual page.

Do I have to leave my car keys at the car park?

Some parking facilities require you to leave your car keys while others don’t. You can easily filter on this preference in the filter function. The car park uses your car keys to make the car park more manageable; they won’t drive your car unnecessarily.

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