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Liverpool Airport Parking

Save yourself time and money by using the intuitive Parkhero comparison tool to find the best prices on when parking at Liverpool Airport. We will help save you the stress of finding a reliable, great value parking service by bringing them together in one place. Simply begin a search with the tool above and in seconds you will see all the available car parks with all the information you need.

Whether you are looking for Park & Ride, Meet & Greet or Park & Walk services, we can help you find the ideal parking service for your trip. We have collected together a variety of car parks at Liverpool for you to choose from – long stay and short stay, indoor and outdoor and budget and high-quality. With our advice, you will find the ideal parking service at Liverpool Airport in no time.

Begin your search straight-away in the bar above or read on to find out more about the services available Liverpool Airport parking.

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How does Parkhero work?

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Parkingtypes at Liverpool Airport

Meet and Greet Meet and Greet You drive directly to the airport where you hand over your car to a driver who will park it for you.
Park and Ride Park and Ride You drive to the chosen car park and will be driven to the airport with a shuttlebus.
Walking distance Walking distance You park the car yourself and walk with your luggage to the terminal.
Parking providers on Liverpool Airport are rated with a 8.6 on average Customers that booked through us rate the providers with a 8.6/10, based on 29 ratings.

Condensed Car Park Information

You need to keep in mind the following when choosing your parking service: price, location and trustworthiness. In the table below, you will find the best parking option for each in one glance.

No. of Car Parks Compared 5
Best Rated Top Rated Imagine Park and Ride
List compared Best Value Imagine Park and Ride
List compared Closest to the Terminal  Imagine Meet and Greet


Parking Liverpool Airport - Types of Parking

There are plenty of different options to consider when looking for somewhere to park at Liverpool Airport. You will find services available for all budgets and levels of convenience.

An important difference between car parks to consider is whether they are located off-site or whether they are provided directly by the airport. The main difference you will notice between them is the price. Official options tend to be more expensive as they are more convenient being closer to the terminal on the airport terrain. Off-site car parks in contrast are located outside of the airport, but offer better value for money with a similar service.

At Liverpool Airport you will find 3 main types of parking – Park and Ride, Meet and Greet and Park and Walk. Each offers its own advantages and below we will explore each sort of parking Liverpool Airport available.


Park and Ride Services

Park and Ride is the best value type of airport parking Liverpool, as it offers the lowest prices and an excellent, efficient service.

Depending on the company you choose to park with, you will either park your car yourself and keep the keys or you will need to park in a bay at reception and give in your keys. You are then free to jump on the next shuttle bus to the terminal, which at Liverpool takes less than 5 minutes.

Park and Ride Liverpool Airport offers the best value for money for long term parking at the airport. If you are planning a trip of a week or more, Park and Ride services are your best option.


South Liverpool]# Park and Ride Liverpool AirportSouth Liverpool Airport Car Park

South Liverpool Airport parking is a great low cost LPL Airport parking option and is just a 2-minute shuttle ride from the terminal. It is one of the best rated services at the airport with a 9/10 from our customers for the friendly and efficient parking service. The car park is a self-park service where you choose your own space and can keep your car keys. While you are away your vehicle will be protected by round the clock security including CCTV and regular patrols.


Imagine Park and Ride Liverpool AirportImagine Park and Ride

The Liverpool Imagine Park and Ride service offers both a covered and uncovered parking option with an on-demand bus. This means you will spend limited time waiting around when transferring to and from the airport and it is just a few minutes’ drive. If you only have a small amount of luggage you can also consider walking to the terminal, just 5 minutes away. The service is available 24/7 and there is excellent security in place to protect your vehicle.



Meet and Greet Services

If you are looking for parking near Liverpool Airport, then a Meet and Greet service is a great choice. You can drop-off your car with a professional valet and it will be parked for you in a secure car park and brought back to the same spot on your return.

It is the ideal option if you have a lot of luggage, if you are travelling with a big family or simply want a convenient parking experience at the airport.

Liverpool Airport Meet and Greet services are often more expensive than the Park and Ride options, but offers you a stress-free experience that will easily save you a lot of time.


Imagine Meet and Greet Liverpool AirportImagine Meet and Greet

The Imagine Meet and Greet service offers a covered and outdoor service that operates 24/7 and allows you to drop-off your car just 400 metres from the terminal with a 2-minute walk to check-in. Staff are fully insured to drive your vehicle and will ensure that it is safely parked at the secure car park until your return. It is a fantastic, hassle-free option.



Park and Walk Services

Park and Walk services are the closest car parks to the airport terminal and offer a very convenient short-term Liverpool Airport car parking service.

They are self-park services where you find your own parking space and keep your keys while you are away. You get to park your car near the terminal and benefit from the short walk to the terminal. 

Keep in mind that due to the convenience of Park and Walk services they are often some of the most expensive Liverpool Airport parking options.


Park Smart Park and Walk Liverpool AirportPark Smart Parking

The Park Smart Liverpool Airport service is located just a 5-to-7-minute walk from the terminal and is a self-park service allowing you to choose a space and keep your keys. It is a great option for a weekend break and means you don’t have to wait for a shuttle bus after a tiring journey. While you are away your car will be protected with Park Mark accredited security systems, giving you peace of mind that your car will be kept safe and secure.


Long stay Liverpool AirportLong Stay

The official Long Stay car park is a 5-minute walk from the terminal and is also a self-park service with excellent Park Mark security including 24/7 CCTV surveillance, patrols and fencing. This car park is a good option for longer stays of more than a few days, but is not as good value as a Park and Ride service.



About Liverpool Airport

Liverpool Airport, originally known as Speke Airport, opened in 1933. In 2001, it became the first airport in the UK to be named after a person when it was rebranded as a tribute to John Lennon, who was born in Liverpool. The new terminal of the new ‘Liverpool John Lennon Airport’ was officially opened by the Queen in 2002. The airport’s motto is ‘Above us, only sky’, a line from Lennon’s song, ‘Imagine’.

Liverpool Airport offers flights to over 60 destinations across the UK and Europe, and stands 13th in the world when it comes to flight on-time performance. It is perhaps no surprise then that Liverpool Airport handles more than 5 million passengers every year, a rate that is steadily increasing.


Let Parkhero Help you Find a Great Deal

As the airport is becoming more popular, finding car parking at Liverpool Airport can be chaotic. As thousands of passengers arrive every day, parking spaces fill up quickly and can be expensive.

This is where Parkhero can help you save both time and money. With 6 years in the airport parking business, we can help you find the best deals. Our intuitive comparison tool is easy to use. Simply choose your airport and enter your travel dates. In just 2 minutes, you can find and reserve your Liverpool Airport parking space online, all with absolutely no booking costs.

Park your car at Liverpool Airport cheaply and without unnecessary stress with the Parkhero comparison tool.


Covid-19 Measures

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of measures have been put in place at car parks and airports to protect the health of both staff and passengers.

At the airport you can expect –

  • One-way systems with clear signage
  • Regular hand sanitizer stations
  • Perspex screens at counters
  • Regular cleaning of the building
  • All staff and passengers must wear a face mask
  • Social distancing

At the car park you can expect similar measures and in addition -

  • Passengers using shuttle buses must wear face masks
  • Shuttle buses will run at reduced capacity to allow social distancing
  • Extra waiting times for shuttles are likely
  • Frequently touched areas of your vehicle will be cleaned by drivers providing Meet and Greet services and you may be required to clean these areas before handing over your vehicle

All car parks available on Parkhero at Liverpool Airport are open and operating with Corona measures in place. We recommend you book Cancellation Insurance at the check-out to protect your booking from unexpected cancellations.

If you need to amend or cancel your booking due to COVID-19, please visit our dedicated Covid-19 page to find out more about our terms and conditions.


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Official services provided directly by Liverpool Airport are not available to book on Parkhero, for more information you will need to visit the official website.

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