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Finding great value, reliable parking at Heathrow Airport can be a challenge. Heathrow is the UK’s biggest and busiest airport with four terminals, each with its own parking offering. It can be a nightmare researching the right option for your trip, but with the advice from the Parkhero team below, you can save yourself the time and effort! In this article you will get a comprehensive price overview of Heathrow parking charges and a short description of each service, so you know what to expect.


Overview of Heathrow Airport Parking Charges

When searching for car parking services at Heathrow, the amount of information can see quite overwhelming. Each of Heathrow’s four terminals has its own dedicated on-site or official parking services operated directly by the airport, plus a broad selection of off-site independent parking companies offering similar services. It is a good idea to get to grips with the differences between off-site and on-site parking services, as there are significant price differences too.

On-site parking at London Heathrow includes Short Stay, Long Stay, Valet, Meet & Greet, Business and POD Parking at Terminal 5. These car parks are operated by the airport and are the closest car parks to the terminals. The main benefit of using official parking services is the convenience of being so close to the terminal, especially if you are travelling long haul! The downside, however, is that on-site parking is often some of the most expensive parking available at Heathrow.

In contrast off-site parking is a lot cheaper, as we will see below, and offers a range of different parking types. There are small independent family companies, large national concerns as well as hotel parking options to consider, with some offering Park and Ride services and some offering Meet and Greet options. Some of the best value options include the AirParker Park and Ride services and ultra-convenient MBW Parking Meet and Greet services. Both operate at all of Heathrow’s Terminals and offer fantastic value, especially when compared to official Heathrow car parking charges.

Before we dive into the details - our top tip for saving money on Heathrow parking is to always make sure you book in advance! By booking with Parkhero as far ahead as possible, you can save up to 60% compared to making a booking last minute.


Off-site Heathrow Parking Services

There is an excellent selection of off-site parking at Heathrow Airport that offers fantastic value, no matter your budget. If you are looking for low Heathrow parking charges, then off-site parking is what you need to look for. While it may mean a slightly longer transfer to the airport from the car park, this is not always the case. As you will see below, a week’s parking with MBW Parking’s Meet and Greet service costs just £76.12 compared to £129.70 for the official version and £142.70 for Short Stay parking. That means that you can spend almost half the money and still drop your car off directly at the terminal!


Heathrow Airport Parking Prices


Parking ServicePrice Per DayPrice per 8 daysPrice per 15 daysDistanceRating
MBW Parking£8.49£67.90£89.902 minutes8.2
Stress Free Parking£9.11£72.90£94.902 minutes9.1
Looking4 Orange T4£11.16£89.28£111.2815 minutes8.9
Air Parker T2, T3 & T5£11.41£91.28£113.2815 minutes9.1
Air Parker T4£11.41£91.28£113.2815 minutes9.4

Prices based on bookings made 6 months in advance for travel for 8 and 15 days in March 2022.


MBW Airport Parking

MBW Meet and Greet HeathrowIf you are looking for convenience and great value Heathrow parking prices, then choose MBW Parking! You simply need to drop your car off at terminal 2, 3, 4 or 5 and it will be parked securely for you. The welcoming uniformed staff will help you unload your vehicle, check it over with you for existing damage and then you are free to walk the short distance to the check-in desks. Your car will then be waiting for you where you dropped it off when you return. You can easily save up to 30 minutes either end of your trip with this service compared to shuttle parking and it is significantly better value than the official airport Meet and Greet service at £9.52 a day.

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Stress Free Parking

Stress Free Parking Meet and Greet HeathrowStress Free Parking does what it says on the tin and provides you with a hassle-free service where you can drop-off and pick-up your car right outside each Heathrow terminal. You drop off your car, walk to the terminal and your car is parked for you at a secure external car park. When you return your car is waiting for you where you dropped it off. It is very convenient and ideal if you have a lot of luggage or simply want to save time and avoid waiting around for a bus. Stress Free Parking operates at multiple London airports and is a popular choice with our customers, earning a 9.1 out of 10 for its services.


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Looking4 Orange

Looking4 Orange Heathrow Airport ParkingThe Looking4 Orange Park and Ride service offers some fantastic extras to give you a great start to your trip. At the car park you can enjoy the fully licensed bar and begin your holiday early while you wait for the bus! Buses take between 10 and 15 minutes to reach the terminal and run every 20 minutes between 5 am and midnight. With Looking4 Orange you get great value Heathrow Terminal 4 parking charges!


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AirParker Heathrow Airport ParkingFor Heathrow charges that won’t break the bank, opt for AirParker Park and Ride. This service is available at all terminals and is a great budget choice for long term trips from Heathrow. The staff are friendly and professional, providing you with a high-quality parking experience, despite the low price! Air Parker is a popular service with our customers with 9.1 and 9.4 out of 10 for its excellent service. Complimentary shuttle buses leave regularly and take just 15 minutes to reach the terminals. This is the same transfer time as the official Heathrow Long Stay option and for a fraction of the price.


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Official Heathrow Parking Services

The official services provided by Heathrow Airport are a reliable and convenient option, however they will cost you more than off-site services. At each terminal you will find each of the services below and each offers excellent levels of security and close proximity to the airport.

For accurate Heathrow parking charges for your trip, make sure to head to the airport website. Official services can only be booked on the Heathrow Airport website.


Parking ServicePrice Per DayPrice per 8 daysPrice per 15 daysDistanceRating
Long Stay T2£10.41£83.30£112.0015 minutes8.9
Long Stay T3£10.41£83.30£112.0015 minutes8.9
Long Stay T5£11.41£91.30£116.0015 minutes8.9
Meet & Greet T2£14.29£114.30£139.002 minutes8.9
Meet & Greet T3£14.29£114.30£139.002 minutes8.9
Meet & Greet T5£14.29£114.30£139.002 minutes8.9
Short Stay T2£18.98£151.80£180.502 minutes8.9
Short Stay T3£17.98£143.80£168.502 minutes8.9
Short Stay T5£18.48£147.80£176.502 minutes8.9

Prices based on bookings made 6 months in advance for travel for 8 and 15 days in March 2022.


You will also find Business parking at Terminals 2, 3 and 5 and POD Parking at Terminal 5. Unfortunately, at the time of writing these services were closed due to the Corona pandemic and it was not possible to calculate a rate. Make sure to check in advance if the service you wish to use at Heathrow is operational. At this time some services are temporarily unavailable.


Long Stay

There is a dedicated Long Stay car park for each terminal and they are the ideal option for trips of a week or more. You can park your car yourself and keep your keys before hopping on one of the regular shuttle buses to the terminal. Buses run every 10 minutes and transfers take between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the terminal. There is excellent security coverage with frequent patrols and CCTV.


Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet services can be found at the Short Stay car park at each terminal. They are often the most expensive option as they are extremely convenient. You drop your car off with a professional valet and take your luggage the short walk to the terminal. Your car is parked for you in a secure on-site car park and returned to the same spot for your return. If you are in a rush, have lots of luggage or are travelling with a large group, this is an ideal parking option.


Short Stay

Short Stay parking is located outside each of the terminals and is often one of the more expensive official parking options due to its convenient location. It is a good option if you are planning just a short trip away, but is also very useful if you have a lot of luggage as you can just walk the short distance to check-in. There is free electric vehicle charging provided at the Short Stay car parks.


Business Parking

This car park is targeted at busy business people who require a quick and reliable parking service. It is a self-park service, so you can find your own space and keep your keys before hopping on the bus to the airport. The car park is located close to Terminals 2, 3 and 5 with shuttles running on-demand. Heathrow promises that there is a maximum wait time of 10 minutes for the on-demand shuttles with most running without a waiting time. The journey itself takes just a few minutes and while onboard you can make the most of the free WiFi and comfortable leather seating.


POD Parking Terminal 5

For a fun parking experience at Terminal 5 you can opt for POD Parking. This car park is connected to Terminal 5 by a unique electrically powered, driverless vehicle. These PODS run on-demand with less than 30 seconds wait and take just 7 minutes to reach the terminal. There is space for 4 passengers and luggage inside each pod. This is a self-park service.


Now you have a better idea of the Heathrow parking cost you can expect, make sure to follow the links to your favoured provider. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, make sure to start your search for parking at Heathrow in the search bar above or check out our choice of the top 5 cheapest Heathrow options. You can then see exactly what parking services are available for your trip and make a booking in less than 5 minutes!

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