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Are you looking for great value Heathrow Terminal 5 parking? Heathrow Terminal 5 is the newest, biggest and busiest of Heathrow’s four terminals. As it is such a busy terminal, demand for Heathrow Terminal 5 parking is high, but there is no need to stress. There are many different options available, including cheap Air Parker Park and Ride services, convenient MBW Meet and Greet parking or you can even opt for the unique POD parking service.

Parkhero can help make your decision easier and save you money on your trip. With our easy to use comparison format, you will be able to see exactly what each parking provider offers and how much they charge compared to others. Make your booking in less than 5 minutes with no need to create an account and there is no booking fee! You pay the price you see on the results page and can enjoy parking at Terminal 5 for as little as £5.99 per day.

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Parkhero’s Guide to Heathrow Terminal 5 Parking

Finding the right Heathrow parking service at Terminal 5 at the right price can be a headache. There are a great variety of car parks to choose from with different parking types, varying levels of security and shorter or longer distances from the terminal entrance. With so many options, how do you know which one is best for your trip?

This is where Parkhero can help. We have brought together all the best Terminal 5 parking options in one place with detailed information on the prices you can expect, the type of parking, security features, customer reviews and more. Whether you are considering a great value Park and Ride service or a super convenient Meet and Greet parking option, in this brief guide we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you are short on time, you can begin your search in comparison tool bar at the top of the page immediately. Simply enter your travel dates and hit search for all the available parking options for your trip. You will find the results ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive and if you want more information on each product, click through to the dedicated page or scroll on down and continue reading our brief guide to parking at Heathrow Terminal 5.


Overview of Parking Heathrow Terminal 5

Some of the most popular Heathrow parking Terminal 5 services are Air Parker, MBW Parking and Stress Free Parking. These are well-rated off-site services that offer excellent value for money, no matter how long you plan to park at Heathrow.

In the table below you can easily see how they compare to the official onsite services operated by Heathrow itself. While onsite services are more convenient in terms of their location, they are outshone by the off-site options in most other respects, most notably in terms of price and level of service.


Terminal 5 Parking Prices

Parking ServicePrice per weekPrice per 2 weeksDistance to T5Rating
Airtime£42.14£70.8910 minutes7.7
Air Parker£47.95£72.9515 minutes9.2
MBW Parking£73.90£104.905 minutes8.2
Stress Free Parking£78.90£109.905 minutes9.1
Long Stay T5*£87.30£102.607 minutesN/A
Meet & Greet T5*£134.20£146.304 minutesN/A
Short Stay T5*£146.30£173.304 minutesN/A

*Note - Not all of these car parks are currently available on Parkhero. 

The prices above are based on travel in March 2021 with bookings made 5 months in advance. Make sure to book as far in advance as you can to find the best prices. You can then save up to 60% compared to making last-minute bookings.


Airtime Park and Ride Heathrow Terminal 5Airtime

For a budget Park and Ride service just an 10 minute shuttle ride from Terminal 5, you will not go far wrong with Airtime. You can make use of this service around the clock, as it is open 24/7 with shuttles running on-demand throughout. It has a decent customer rating of 7.7 out of 10 and has Park Mark accredited security, which includes CCTV and regular patrols.


Air Parker Park and Ride Heathrow Terminal 5Air Parker

Located a bit further away is Air Parker Park and Ride, which enjoys one of the highest customer ratings for Heathrow on Parkhero. Friendly staff will welcome you on your arrival and transport you to efficiently to Terminal 5 in just 15 minutes. Shuttles run every 20 minutes between 00:00 and 05:00 and there is excellent security in place for your vehicle. As the car park is part of a golf club, you can even make use of the bar and restaurant before your flight!


MBW Parking Heathrow Terminal 5MBW Parking

With MBW Parking you can enjoy one of Heathrow’s best value Meet and Greet services at Terminal 5. This independent company has over 25 years’ experience in providing top quality valet services at Heathrow and know how to ensure the beginning and end go your trip go smoothly. You will be met in the Short Stay car park just outside the terminal entrance and can walk to the check-in area in just a few minutes. The service is operational between 04:00 and 00:00, it offers Park Mark accredited security and is an Approved LHR Meet and Greet provider.


Stress Free Parking Heathrow Terminal 5Stress Free Parking

This national company will provide you with a ‘Stress Free Parking’ service that is highly rated at 9.1 out of 10 by our customers. Friendly, professional and fully insured valets will greet you at the Short Stay car park drop-off point and ensure that your car is ready and waiting in the same spot when you return. You can walk just a few minutes to the terminal confident that your car is in safe hands with Park Mark accredited security features including CCTV, regular patrols and security fencing.


Long Stay T5 Parking HeathrowLong Stay T5

With this official T5 parking service, you can park your car yourself just a 5 to 7 minute shuttle ride from the terminal entrance. Simply drive up to the barrier on arrival and the number plate recognition system will allow you in. You are then free to find a space of your choosing and can keep your car keys with you. Buses currently run on demand due to the Covid-19 situation, but usually run every 10 to 15 minutes. You can rely on excellent levels of security with this official service and benefit from the additional security of being on the airport terrain.


Meet and Greet T5 Parking HeathrowMeet & Greet T5

The official onsite Meet and Greet service allows you to drop-off your car just a few minutes’ walk away from the terminal entrance. It is also a self-park system where you can drop-off your car and then hand in your car keys at the Meet and Greet desk. Make sure to check your vehicle over for any existing damage and take photos in case of any damage claims on your return. When you return you will find your car safe and sound where you left it. While you are away, your car will be moved to the secure onsite car park.


Short Stay T5 Parking HeathrowShort Stay T5

The Short Stay car park is the most expensive option at Terminal 5 due to its convenient location, just a short walk from the terminal entrance. We recommend you use this car park for short stays of a few days only as there are much better value options for longer stays. The Short Stay car park is a self-park service with a number plate recognition system installed at the entrance and exit barriers. Your car will stay in your chosen space for the duration of your trip and will be well protected by the airport security systems.



Frequently Asked Questions about Heathrow T5 Parking

We have brought together some of the most frequently asked questions about Heathrow Terminal 5 Parking below. If you question is not here, then make sure to contact our customer service team.

How much does it cost to park at Heathrow Terminal 5?

The cost of parking at T5 depends on what sort of parking you choose, how far in advance you book and for how long you stay. If you book in advance, prices can start for as little as £5.99 per day with Air Parker Park and Ride and as much as £18.29 per day at the Short Stay car park. The best way to save money on all parking types is to book as far in advance as you can. This can save you up to 60% compared to last-minute bookings and many services allow you to change your dates and times for free up to 48 hours before the beginning of your booking.


Which car park is closest to Heathrow Terminal 5?

The official Short Stay car park is the closest to the terminal entrance, however for greater convenience and less money you can choose to park with MBW Parking. This Meet and Greet service will meet you in the Short Stay car park and park your car for you. When you return, they will bring it to the same spot. If we take a look at a week in March 2021, the Short Stay car park will set you back £146.30 while MBW Parking will cost you just £73.90! That is a huge saving and offers you much more convenience.


Do I need to pre-book parking at Terminal 5?

No, you do not need to pre-book, however we strongly recommend that you do. It is possible to turn up on the day and park at the Heathrow Terminal 5 Long Stay car park or the Short Stay car park, but this will be a lot more expensive than booking ahead online. It takes just 10 minutes to make a booking with Parkhero and you could easily save up to 60%!


Can you pick up from Heathrow Terminal 5?

Yes, it is possible to pick-up from directly outside Terminal 5, but it is recommended that you park for free in the Long Stay car park. You can catch the regular shuttle free of charge and enjoy a much less stressful pick-up experience, instead of fighting against the busy traffic outside the terminal.


Do you have to pay to drop off at Heathrow Terminal 5?

No, you can drop-off passengers for free in the Drop-off area outside Departures. It is recommended however, that you park in the Long Stay car park for free. You can park there for free for up to 2 hours and take the shuttle bus to the terminal. This means you do not need to rush dropping off your friends or family and can avoid the stress of the busyness outside the terminal.


Why book with Parkhero?

Parkhero is one of the country’s leading comparison platforms for airport car parking. We can help you save time and money on your trip with our easy to use comparison tool, whether you are looking for Meet and Greet, Park and Ride or official park and walk services.

You simply need to enter your airport and travel dates into the comparison tool and hit ‘Search’. Within seconds you will be presented with a list of the available options ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive. You also have the option of ranking by distance to the airport and customer reviews. If you want more information, you can click through to the dedicated page for each product. Once you have decided which service is best for you, simply click on the booking button and make your reservation in less than 5 minutes. There is no need to make an account and you will not be charged a booking fee!


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