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Gatwick Parking

Covid-19 Update: If you add Cancellation Insurance to your booking, you can cancel anytime before the start of your booking for a full refund!

Are you looking for great value parking at Gatwick’s North and South Terminals? Then you are in the right place! By booking in advance with Parkhero, you can save up to 60% on Gatwick Airport parking. With our quick and easy to use comparison tool you can find the Gatwick parking deal you want in less than 5 minutes. Whether you want long stay, short stay, Meet and Greet or Park and Ride parking at Gatwick Airport, we have you covered.

See all the information you need in one glance with our product overviews including transfer times, distance to the airport, customer reviews and most importantly the price per day and for the entirety of your trip. You can book directly from the results page without having to make an account and best of all, there is NO booking fee!

Simply enter your travel dates in the bar above or read on for more information about parking at Gatwick.

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How does Parkhero work?

1 Compare Compare parking options with reliable parking providers.
2 Book online Select parking with preferred options and pay safely online.
3 Park you car easily Show your booking on your phone or printed when arriving and park your car.
4 Stress-free travelling Enjoy your vacation knowing your car is in safe hands.

Parkingtypes at Gatwick Airport

Meet and Greet Meet and Greet You drive directly to the airport where you hand over your car to a driver who will park it for you.
Park and Ride Park and Ride You drive to the chosen car park and will be driven to the airport with a shuttlebus.
Parking providers on Gatwick Airport are rated with a 9.0 on average Customers that booked through us rate the providers with a 9.0/10, based on 53 ratings.

Compare Your London Gatwick Parking Options

We have parking available at Gatwick to suit all pockets and needs. Below you can see our top 5 options ranked by price for one or two weeks in September 2020 with each serving both the North and South terminals.

Park at Gatwick from £38.11 for 8 days 

Parking Service Price Per Day Price per week Price per 2 weeks Distance Rating
Cambridge Hotel £5.54 £44.29 £69.01 6 minute shuttle 8.8
Cophall Parking £6.56 £52.48 £83.33 10 minute shuttle 9.1
APH £7.72 £61.72 £91.59 2 minute walk 9.4
Ace Parking £8.24 £65.92 £84.46 2 minute walk 9.5
Looking4 £11.56 £92.44 £115.62 2 minute walk 7.8

These are the best deals available at Gatwick based on a reservation of 8 or 15 days in July 2021. Please note that prices can fluctuate by availability and time of year. For accurate prices for your trip, begin your search in the bar above!


Condensed Car Park Information

We know that when you are looking to compare parking with Parkhero, that price, location and the trustworthiness of the car parks are key deciding factors. Below you can see a condensed version of all the info you need:

:oncoming_automobile: No. of Car Parks   7
:white_check_mark: Best Rated  Ace Parking Meet and Greet
:moneybag: Best Value for Money Cambridge Hotel
:straight_ruler: Closest to the Airport Ace Parking Meet and Greet


Gatwick Terminals

There are 2 terminals at Gatwick Airport, the North Terminal and the South Terminal. All off-site car parks offered Parkhero operate from both terminals, while the official on-site car parks are specific to each terminal. It is important that you check you have the correct terminal before you book, you don’t want to have to rush to the other terminal before your flight!

We have created a list of the best parking options for each terminal to help you save time on your journey.

Gatwick Parking North Terminal – Used by British Airways, Firstchoice, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic amongst others

Gatwick Parking South Terminal – Served by easyJet, Ryanair, flybe, Norwegian and Wizz Air amongst others


Park and Ride

Park and Ride services are the best value LGW Airport parking options available, especially for long term stays. They are either situated a few miles away from the airport or on-site, if an official service. When you arrive you simply need to drop your car off at the reception area, unload your car, hand over your keys and head to the bus. If you don’t mind a short wait for the bus, you can make big savings by choosing a Park and Ride option.

  • Popular with? Long term travellers away for 5 days or more and families
  • Benefits? Some of the lowest prices available and a competitive choice of services
  • Travel time to airport? Between 6 and 10 minutes
  • Disadvantages? A short waiting time for the bus is possible


Cambridge Hotel Park and Ride GatwickCambridge Hotel

Parking at Cambridge Hotel offers you the convenience of easy access to the M23 and a place to spend the night for those early morning flights. It is frequently the cheapest parking near Gatwick Airport available and is just a 6 minute transfer to the airport. Shuttles run 24/7 and you can make use of the hotel lobby while you wait.


Cophall Parking Park and Ride GatwickCophall Parking

Cophall Parking is a family business has been running for over 20 years and the staff know how to ensure your trip gets off to a great start. The car park is just a 10 minute courtesy shuttle ride to the airport and runs on-demand, keeping your waiting time to a minimum. The car park operates 24/7 and will ensure your car is safe with a Park Mark award for its security measures.


Acorn Lodge Park and Ride GatwickAcorn Lodge

Another hotel parking option that operates 24/7 for your convenience. Acorn Lodge is a great choice to stay the night before or after your flight and offers great value compared to other long stay options. The bus takes just 5 minutes to reach the airport and runs on-demand between 09:30 and 03:00 and then on the hour and every half an hour.


APH Parking Park and Ride GatwickAPH

This large car park has been in operation for over 30 years and can also be found at other airports across the UK. APH provide a seamless Park and Ride service for both the North and South terminals and will ensure that your trip begins without a hitch. All staff are distinctly uniformed and there are excellent Park Mark security features in place to protect your vehicle.



Meet and Greet

If you are looking for convenience, then Meet and Greet airport parking Gatwick could be the perfect option for you. You just have to drop your car off at the terminal with a valet and it will be parked for you in a secure car park. With Gatwick’s large and busy terminals, this is a fantastic option to limit stress at the airport and efficient if you are in a rush.

  • Popular with? Business customers and travellers with lots of baggage
  • Benefits? Park right outside the terminal and car is parked for you
  • Travel time to airport? 2 minute walk to check-in
  • Disadvantages? Often the most expensive option


Ace Parking Meet and Greet GatwickAce

Ace Parking is another large car parking service at Gatwick that is friendly and professional. All staff are uniformed and will provide you with ID on request before they pick up your vehicle. Once they have checked over your car with you for existing damage, it will be driven to a highly secure off-site car park. It is also our most highly rated Meet and Greet service providing great customer satisfaction.


Looking4 Parking Meet and Greet GatwickLooking4 Parking

At the higher end of the market, the Looking4 parking service is high-quality and ensures your trip is hassle-free from the beginning. It operates at both the North and South terminals and you can drop your car off with the professional staff confident in the knowledge that it will be well looked after. The service is available 24/7 and all staff are fully insured.


Sure Parking Meet and Greet GatwickSure Parking

For a simple, personailsed service, head for Sure Parking Meet and Greet. It is an independent company providing excellent valet services at Gatwick that will ensure you get where you need to be efficiently and without any unnecessary stress. The Sure Pakring security facilities are Park Mark accredited and the service is often one of the best priced.


Premier Parking Meet and Greet GatwickPremier Parking

Opt for a luxury parking service with Premier Parking and enjoy a hassle-free service with professional and fully insured staff. You have the option of adding a variety of valet services and can come back to that new car feeling. There are high-quality Park Mark accredited security facilities and staff are clearly uniformed and carry ID.



Long Stay

Gatwick Long Stay parking is an official service provided by the airport. The car park is very popular during the peak summer months as it is a good budget option for those travelling for more than a few days.

Gatwick Long Stay serves both the North and South terminals and it is located nearest the North Terminal. Buses to the North Terminal have a 5 to 10 minute transfer time and for the South Terminal it is slightly longer at 7 to 12 minutes. During the peak months transfers can take longer due to the sheer number of people using this large car park. Bus frequency is also affected during this period.

The car park is simple to use and is all automated. You will need to drive up to the entry barrier and a number plate recognition system will read your plate to find your booking. Once identified the barrier will lift and you are free to find a space. When you leave your car will again be identified by the scanning system and any outstanding fees will be charged at the terminal before the barrier will lift.

Unfortunately, the official Long Stay Car Park Gatwick is not currently available on Parkhero, but there are a number of great Park and Ride alternatives. You can find them above and on our dedicated Park and Ride page or check out our detailed Long Stay at Gatwick guide.


Short Term Parking Gatwick

Gatwick Short Stay parking is a convenient, but expensive option for brief trips away of a few days or less. It is an official car park operated by Gatwick Airport and is the closest car park to the terminals.

The Short Stay car parks are actually multiple. Each is located a 5 minute’s covered walk away from both the North and South Terminals and are fully automated. At the North Terminal the short stay car park operates from Car Park 5 and from Car Parks 1, 2 and 3 at the South Terminal. Customers’ vehicles will be recognised by a number plate scanning system at the entry and exit barriers before entry or exit is permitted.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book Gatwick Short Stay car parks with Parkhero but you can pre-book through the official website or buy a ticket at the machine on arrival.


Gatwick Airport Car Parking - Airport Trivia

Gatwick Airport, otherwise known as London Gatwick (LGW) is the UK’s second busiest airport. With an estimated 44 million passengers travelling through the airport in 2017, it is also the busiest single runway airport in the world! The airport’s popularity is helped by its close proximity to Central London just 30 miles away. Located on the border between West Sussex and Surrey, both the North and South terminals at Gatwick Airport are served with excellent rail and coach links to the capital. At Gatwick you have a broad choice of domestic and international destinations from airlines, such as British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet and flybe.

With so much choice for parking near Gatwick Airport, it can be difficult to find the best choice for your trip. Parkhero is here to help. You can use our knowledge of London Gatwick parking to find the best deal. Since 2013 we have developed strong relationships with parking providers and customers to build an efficient search system, so that you can easily compare airport parking at Gatwick. In just 2 minutes you can compare prices and book online without any reservation fees to worry about. Start your holiday the right way and book your parking deal with Parkhero.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to park at Gatwick?

When looking to save money on Gatwick parking it is best to opt for an off-site Park and Ride service. These car parks offer the best value for money with prices often cheaper than the official long stay options and similar or even shorter transfer times to the terminals. You can see our top offers at Gatwick for September 2020 below (prices were accurate at time of writing, for prices for your trip enter your travel dates in the search tool above).

Parking Service Price Per Day Price per week Price per 2 weeks Distance Rating
Cambridge Hotel £4.76 £38.11 £67.98 6 minute shuttle 8.5
Cophall Parking £7.06 £56.44 £101.76 10 minute shuttle 9.1


Which is the best Gatwick parking?

Our highest customer rated Gatwick car park is Ace Parking. They provide a highly professional Meet and Greet service that offers a seamless, stress-free experience from drop-off to pick-up. Their friendly, professional staff are fully trained and insured to drive your vehicle and will ensure that your trip begins in the right way.

Can I just turn up and park at Gatwick?

Yes, you can arrive at official Gatwick car parks and buy a ticket on the day. However, this is not recommended. Prices on the day are always higher than when you book in advance and you have fewer services to choose from. There is also the possibility that you will have the stress of being unable to find a space.

Where can I park at Gatwick North?

You have a great range of parking options at Gatwick’s North Terminal. You can choose from off-site Park and Ride options or Meet and Greet services, as well as the official airport Long Stay and Short Stay car parks. All parking services offered at Parkhero serve both terminals, simply enter your travel dates in the bar above to find the best deal for your trip.

Do you have to book long stay parking at Gatwick?

No, you can buy a ticket at the official Long Stay car park on the day. However, it is always best to book in advance for the best prices and a good idea to consider the off-site Park and Ride services for lower prices and similar transfer times. Begin your search in the bar above!

What is valet parking at Gatwick?

Gatwick Airport valet parking or Meet and Greet parking is a service that allows you to drop your car off at or near the terminal building with a professional valet. Your car will be parked for you in a secure car park and returned to the same area on your return. You often have the option to have your car cleaned or serviced while you are away.

How long before my flight should I arrive at Gatwick?

The time you arrive at the airport will depend on where you are going and the time of year. For international flights outside of Europe it is recommended you arrive at the airport 3 to four hours before your flight. This is to leave time for longer security checks. For European and domestic flights the recommendation is to arrive at the airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight. However, during the peak summer months, it is a good idea to give yourself some extra time. Waiting times at baggage drop and to get through security can increase significantly during peak times. Waiting times for Park and Ride buses can also increase.


Gatwick Parking Coronavirus Advice

If a car park is available for Gatwick on Parkhero, then it will be operating as normal. However, there will be visible hygiene policies and social distancing measures in place to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Shuttle buses for Park and Ride services may run at reduced capacity as a result and you may be required to wear a face mask while onboard.

Please note that all flights from Gatwick are currently using the North Terminal only and car parks have adapted their services accordingly.

We have created a dedicated Covid-19 page to keep you updated with our policies should you need to make changes or cancel your parking reservation at Gatwick.


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