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Informative 06 Sept 2021

Gatwick Parking Prices

Gatwick Parking Prices

If you are looking for Gatwick Airport parking for your next holiday, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then you are in the right place! We at Parkhero have brought together all the information that you need about Gatwick parking prices to help you save money on your next trip. With our advice you will easily find the lowest prices, see how off-site parking compares to official on-site options, get an overview of the available parking services and even the prices for drop-off and pick-up at Gatwick. Read on for all you need to know about Gatwick Airport parking charges.


Overview of Gatwick Parking Charges

First thing to note is that there are two categories of parking services at Gatwick – official and off-site. The prices for each type of parking varies by these categories, how far in advance you book, how far the service is located from the airport and the facilities it offers. Official car parks are provided directly by the airport and are the closest options to the terminals. At both Gatwick’s South and North Terminals, you will find a Short Stay car park, a Premium Short Stay car park, a Long Stay car park and Valet parking. These services are the closest you will find to the terminal buildings and charge a premium for the convenience they offer.

Opting for an independent off-site car park instead can cost you significantly less with the only difference being a slight increase in transfer time to the terminal. Off-site car parks also offer you the same excellent levels of security with most being Park Mark accredited for the high level of their facilities. Park and Ride services, such as family-run Cophall Parking or national parking provider APH, offer free shuttles directly to both the North and South Terminals for a fraction of the cost of the comparable on-site services. There are also excellent Meet and Greet services, such as our best rated service Ace Parking, that allow you to drop-off and pick-up your vehicle directly outside each terminal.

It is always worth comparing both off-site and on-site car parks to see which offers the best Gatwick parking charges for your trip. In the table below you will see an overview of the best priced options available, followed by an overview of some of the most popular off-site and on-site services.


Gatwick Parking Prices

Parking Service Price Per Day Price per week Price per 2 weeks Transfer Time Rating
Cophall Parking £4.11 £32.92 £51.92 10 Minutes 9.1
Cambridge Hotel £4.12 £33.00 £50.00 6 Minutes 8.5
APH Parking £4.99 £39.92 £67.92 12 Minutes 9.3
Ace Parking £8.00 £64.00 £82.00 2 Minutes 9.5
Looking4 Parking £8.63 £69.00 £88.50 2 Minutes 7.8


The prices above are based on bookings for March 2022, made 6 months in advance. Remember, by booking in advance, you can save up to 60% compared to last-minute bookings and bookings made on the day!

If you would like to know more about the services above, click on the links in the table. You will be taken to the dedicated provider page where you can find more detailed information about the service, as well as its security features, reviews and you can easily make your booking.


Off-site Parking Prices

Parking at London Gatwick does not need to be expensive. Off-site parking offers a range of great value budget options that are well reviewed, have excellent security facilities and will get you to the airport on time. In the table below we have put together some of the cheapest options available with a breakdown of the price from one day to two weeks.


Duration Cambridge
Meet & Greet
24 Hours  £17.00 £22.92 £33.92 £46.00 £49.75
2 Days £19.00 £22.92 £33.92 £48.00 £51.75
3 Days £24.00 £22.92 £33.92 £49.00 £53.00
4 Days £27.00 £22.92 £34.92 £54.00 £58.25
5 Days £27.00 £22.92 £34.92 £54.00 £58.25
6 Days £29.00 £26.92 £35.92 £56.00 £60.50
1 Weeks £31.00 £30.92 £37.92 £59.00 £63.75
2 Weeks £50.00 £51.92 £67.92 £82.00 £88.50


As you can see, the cheapest parking options available at Gatwick are the off-site Park and Ride services, specifically Cophall Parking (only beaten by APH for a 3 day stay). While transfers to the airport for these services take between 5 and 15 minutes, transfers from the on-site Long Stay car park take up to 12 minutes for a significantly higher price.

If you wanted to park for a week at Gatwick with Cophall Parking, it would cost you just £32.25. For the comparable on-site Park and Ride option, Long Stay North, it would cost you £69.00 (see below). At more than double the cost for the same transfer time, it is clear which offers the best value for money! Alternatively, if it is convenience you are looking for, for £55.00 you have the option of parking with the Meet and Greet provider, Ace Parking. Ace will meet you directly at the terminal, park your car securely for you and return it to the same spot when you return. This is a fantastic deal and clearly shows you the differences between Gatwick Airport parking prices.


Cophall Parking Gatwick AirportCophall Parking

With over 20 years’ experience in providing top quality Park & Ride services just outside Gatwick, Cophall Parking knows how to provide you with a seamless parking experience. This service offers the best value Gatwick long stay parking prices and is the cheapest service available at the time of writing. They have Park Mark accredited security features and are operational 24/7 for your convenience. Simply drive to the car park, park in the drop-off bay and the friendly staff will check you in, help you with your luggage and direct you to the courtesy shuttle. The buses run on-demand and take around 10 minutes to reach each terminal.


Cambridge Hotel Parking Gatwick AirportCambridge Hotel

This hotel just less than 3 miles from Gatwick offers a convenient Park and Ride service with shuttles that run on-demand and take only 6 minutes to reach the airport. Cambridge Hotel allows customers to use the hotel facilities while they wait, including use of the lobby and restaurant with free Wi-Fi and refreshments available. The hotel car park is Park Mark accredited and the parking service is available around the clock.


APH Parking Gatwick AirportAPH Park & Ride

One of the biggest car parks at Gatwick, APH is a national company offering professional parking services at a number of airports. They offer efficient Park and Ride parking with helpful staff on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and your experience is stress-free. They are one of the top-rated car parks on Parkhero with 9.3 out of 10 for facilities that include Park Mark recognised security, friendly staff and a lack of transfer delays. Shuttles from this car park run every 10 minutes and take between 10 and 12 minutes to reach the terminals.


Ace Parking Gatwick AirportAce Parking

One of the highest-rated services by our customers at 9.5, Ace Parking is a Meet and Greet service that serves both of Gatwick’s terminals. With this super convenient service, you simply need to drop-off your car with a professional valet at the terminal. It will then be parked securely for you and returned to the same spot when you get back. Ace’s secure off-site car park is accredited by Park Mark and all valets are professionally trained, fully insured, clearly uniformed and carry ID. You can leave your car in safe hands with Ace and walk just a couple of minutes to the terminal building.


Ace Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick AirportLooking4 Meet and Greet

If you want to avoid the hassle of catching a bus, then Looking4 Meet and Greet could be the convenient solution you are looking for. This Park Mark recognised car parking service will take good care of your vehicle and allows you to drop-off and pick-up your car right outside both the North and South terminals. Staff are friendly and helpful and are always happy to assist you with your luggage or any questions you may have.


Premier Parking Gatwick AirportPremier Parking

For a premium Meet and Greet service at Gatwick, opt for Premier Parking. With this service you drop-off and pick-up your car right outside each of the terminals and have the option to add a valet service. You can then come back to a car that looks and smells as if it were brand new! Premier Parking has a Park Mark accredited off-site car park, professional staff and is well-rated by Parkhero customers at 9.1 out of 10.


On-site Parking Prices

If it is important to you to park close to the airport, then one of the official parking services could be your best option. However, keep in mind that you will pay significantly more compared to just as convenient off-site alternatives, such as the Meet and Greet service from Ace Parking.

At the time of writing, all Gatwick flights are operating from the North Terminal due to changes brought about by Covid-19. The airport has also closed all but the Short Stay car park at the South Terminal and so in the price table below you will mostly see the options for the North Terminal. This situation will stay in place until April 2021 when the South Terminal and its car parks are expected to re-open.

Make sure to check online in advance on the official Gatwick Airport parking website, if you plan to park onsite to see whether the car park you wish to use is operational. You do not want to turn up on the day only to be turned away. Booking in advance is always the best option and will easily save you up to 60%. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book these official products via Parkhero.


Duration Long Stay
Short Stay
Short Stay
Premium Short
Stay North
24 Hours  £19.00 £30.00 £42.00 £40.00
2 Days £28.00 £41.00 £59.00 £61.00
3 Days £34.00 £52.00 £67.00 £82.00
4 Days £40.00 £63.00 £78.00 £103.00
5 Days £47.00 £74.00 £80.00 £124.00
6 Days £55.00 £85.00 £83.00 £145.00
1 Weeks £62.00 £96.00 £93.00 £166.00
2 Weeks £93.00 £173.00 £145.00 £313.00


The prices in the table above are based on parking in March 2022 for the durations stated with bookings made 6 months in advance.


Long Stay Parking Gatwick AirportLong Stay North

Long Stay North is the cheapest official parking service available. It is located to the west of the North Terminal. To enter simply drive up the barrier where your number plate will be scanned and a ticket issued. Once through, park your car (keep your keys) and head to the shuttle bus stop. Shuttles take 7 to 12 minutes to reach the North Terminal with buses running every 10 to 12 minutes.


Short Stay Parking Gatwick AirportShort Stay North and South

This multi-storey car park can be found directly outside each terminal and can be reached via a short, covered walk. It is best for short trips and pickups. You simply drive up to the barrier where the system scans your number plate and issues you a ticket. Choose your own parking space and keep your keys. On your return you will need to insert your ticket into the machine to exit.


Premium Short Stay Parking Gatwick AirportPremium Short Stay North

The Premium version of Short Stay North is located in the same multi-storey, but has larger spaces and is slightly closer to the terminal. Access and exit work the same.




Pick-up and Drop-off

Some of the most expensive Gatwick parking prices are for drop-offs and pick-ups at the airport. If you turn up on the day and do not pre-book, you can expect to pay up to £5.20 for less than 30 minutes, as you will need to park in the Short Stay car park. Your best option is to park for free at the Long Stay car park and take the courtesy shuttle to the terminal. You can park here for free for 2 hours.

Below you can see the costs for parking for up to 24 hours at the Gatwick Short Stay car park. If you plan to park for 24 hours or more it is best to save money by pre-booking on the official Gatwick Airport website.


Duration Short Stay North

Premium Short Stay

Up to 30 mins  £5.00 £6.50
31 to 60 mins £8.00 £10.30
1 to 2 hours £13.00 £15.00
2 to 3 hours £15.00  £19.00
3 to 4 hours £19.00 £24.50
4 to 5 hours £22.00 £29.50
5 to 6 hours £26.00 £35.00
6 to 12 hours £40.00 £50.00
12 to 24 hours £45.00 £55.00
Every extra day £45.00 £55.00


Why you should book with Parkhero

At Parkhero we do a lot of research on Gatwick parking, so that you don’t have to! By following our advice and by booking ahead, it is easy to save up to 60% on your parking. That means you have more money to spend on the fun things during your trip. You simply need to enter your travel dates in the comparison tool at the top of the page and Parkhero will show you the best available parking services at Gatwick. The services are arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive and you can add further filters to narrow down your choices, such as Park and Ride or Meet and Greet. You can book directly from the results page in less than 5 minutes as there is no need to create an account and we have kept the process streamlined to save you time. Best of all, we don’t charge you a booking fee, helping you save extra on your parking choice.

Don’t spend a fortune on parking at Gatwick, simply compare the options above and pre-book with Parkhero for a money saving stress-free experience.


Prices and availability may change at any time. For the most recent and relevant information about Gatwick Airport, you should check the official website at: www.gatwickairport.com.


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