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Tips 02 Sept 2021

Top 5 Cheap Gatwick Airport Parking Services

Top 5 Cheap Gatwick Airport Parking Services

If you are looking for cheap Gatwick parking, you are in the right place. Gatwick is one of the UK’s busiest airports and with so many different parking services to choose from it can be difficult to find the best price.

To help you save some money we have curated a list of the top 5 cheap airport parking Gatwick services, showing you the total cost for 8 and 15 days and a breakdown of the cost per day in March 2022. Each of the providers supports both Gatwick North and South terminal parking.

Don’t forget that the further in advance you book the greater your chance of finding cheap car parking Gatwick. The prices below are based on making a booking 6 months in advance and by booking through Parkhero you can save up to 60% on the price you would pay on the day at the car park.


Parking Service Price Per Day Price per week Price per 2 weeks Transfer Time Rating
Cophall Parking £4.11 £32.92 £51.92 10 Minutes 9.1
Cambridge Hotel £4.12 £33.00 £50.00 6 Minutes 8.5
APH Parking £4.99 £39.92 £67.92 12 Minutes 9.3
Ace Parking £8.00 £64.00 £82.00 2 Minutes 9.5
Looking4 Parking £8.63 £69.00 £88.50 2 Minutes 7.8


1. Cophall Parking  |  £32.92/8 days or £4.11/day

Cophall Parking Park and Ride comes in first place at £32.92 for 8 days. It is a family business with over 20 years’ experience and offers a friendly, convenient parking experience at London Gatwick. It is a favourite with customers and enjoys a 9.1 out of 10 rating for the quality of the parking service. The car park is open 24/7 364 days of the year and is just 10 minutes by shuttle from the airport! You can also have peace of mind that your car will also be kept safe at Cophall. The service is fully accredited with the Park Mark security scheme which includes CCTV, fencing and patrols.


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2. Cambridge Hotel  |  £33.00/8 days or £4.12/day

Cambridge Hotel Park and Ride is the next cheapest Gatwick parking service on the list. It is the best value parking option for both 8 and 15 days and is only a 6-minute drive to the airport. The Park and Ride is just a 6 minute drive from the airport with shuttle buses running on demand (there is a £3 charge per person each way). Customers are even welcome to use the facilities of this 4-star hotel which includes a restaurant and free WiFi. If you book with Cambridge Hotel you will enjoy a convenient service, located close to the airport and with 24 hour security in place to ensure the safety of your car.


Book Cambridge Hotel Parking Gatwick


3. APH Parking  |  £39.92/8 days or £4.99/day

APH Park and Ride Gatwick

With over 30 years of experience, APH Park and Ride provides a reliable and friendly service to its customers. It is a well customer rated service and a great option for cheap car parking at Gatwick Airport. The car park is situated just a 12 minute shuttle bus ride from the airport and buses run every 10 minutes. Drivers will even help you load your luggage onto the bus! The car park is operational 24/7 and also has Park Mark accredited security system in place. You can be rest assured with APH that your car is in good hands.


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4. Ace Parking  |  £64.00/8 days or £8.00/day

Ace Parking Meet and Greet Gatwick Airport

Ace Meet and Greet offers you a professional and friendly valet service at Gatwick Airport. You will be dropped off just a couple of minutes’ walk from either the North or South terminals, ensuring you don't have to walk miles or wait around for a bus. Staff are clearly uniformed and fully insured to drive your vehicle. When you return your car will be waiting where you left it. This easy to use service also provides excellent levels of security with uniformed staff carrying ID, CCTV at the car park and secure fencing and barriers to protect your vehicle.


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5. Looking4 Parking  |  £69.00/8 days or £8.63/day

Looking4 Meet and Greet Gatwick Airport

The most expensive option on the list at £97.85, the Looking4 Meet and Greet service still provides a great option for those looking for secure parking. When you arrive your vehicle will be checked over with you for existing damage before being taken to the high security Park Mark accredited car park. Your car will be kept secure with this service and you can drop off your car in the Approved Operators area just outside the terminals. Staff are clearly uniformed and you can leave your can confident it will be waiting for you in the same spot when you return.


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Finding Cheap Parking near Gatwick

So, there you have it, our top 5 cheapest options for parking at London Gatwick. You can make your booking right away by clicking on your preferred service above and entering your dates or opt to make your own search in the bar above. Simply choose Gatwick in the drop-down menu and enter your travel dates to see all the available car parking services for your trip. Bookings can be easily made in under 10 minutes as you do not need to make an account with Parkhero. Best of all you will not be charged a booking fee, helping you to save more!

The prices above are based on parking for 8 and 15 days in March 2022 based on bookings being made 6 months in advance.

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