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Informative 11 Febr 2020

Stansted Airport Parking Prices

Stansted Airport Parking Prices

If you are planning your next trip and need Stansted Airport parking, then you are in the right place! This article will take you through the different Stansted parking charges and help you find the best deals for your trip. With the advice below you will easily find the cheapest Stansted parking option and save money on your holiday.

As at most airports, there are two main types of parking at Stansted Airport. There are the official parking services operated by the airport and the off-site parking services run by different companies. Official car parks are usually located closer to the airport than off-site options, but can cost more for the convenience. It is worth comparing the two options to see which offers the best value for money. Below you will find a table separated by official and off-site options, allowing you to compare cheap Stansted parking prices (please note that not all of the products are available on our site).



Stansted Parking Prices

Parking Services

Parking Type

Cost per Week

(8 days)

Cost per Day

Transfer Time

Off-site Parking

CSL Park & Ride Park & Ride £54.99 £6.87 3 mins Shuttle

I Love Park & Ride

Park & Ride



5 mins Shuttle

Maple Parking

Park & Ride



3 mins Shuttle

CSL Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet



3 mins Walk

Official Airport Parking

Long Stay

Park & Ride



15 mins Shuttle

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet



2-3 mins Walk

Short Stay Park & Walk £79.00 £9.88 5 mins Walk

*Table prices based on 10-08-2020 to 17-08-2020 with a reservation made in advance. Prices can vary by reservation date.


The table shows that off-site Park & Ride Stansted Airport parking prices are often higher than the official options, but they have shorter transfer times to the airport. However, official services also offer you the extra security of parking your car on the airport terrain. Below you can find a short description of each parking option to help you work out which one fits you best.


Off-site Stansted Parking

CSL Park & Ride  | £54.99 for 8 days

CSL Park and Ride StanstedCSL Park and Ride offers the cheapest prices of all off-site parking services and will provide you with a fantastic value service. Their friendly staff will make sure that your experience is top notch and that you have all the help and information you need. The shuttle bus is just a 3 minute drive to the airport terminal and operates 24/7. There is a charge of £1 per person for use of the shuttle. Your car will also be well looked after with all the security features you could need, including CCTV, security fencing and 24 hour surveillance.



I Love Park & Ride  | £70 for 8 days

I Love Park and Ride StanstedLocated just 1.5 miles from the airport, I Love Park & Ride offers regular on demand shuttles that take 5 minutes to reach the terminal. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that you will make your early and late flights. It is a great option for long stay breaks of over a week. Staff are friendly and professional and ensure that your vehicle is looked after with a high priority given to security of the car park.



Maple Parking | £74.91 for 8 days

Maple Parking Park and Ride StanstedThis Park & Ride service with Maple Parking is located just 2 miles from the airport. Shuttles run on demand and take less than 5 minutes to transfer you to the terminal. You will be picked up and dropped off at Zone C, just outside the terminal building. Maple Parking is a good option for long term stays and has the second highest Stansted parking cost for off-site parking.




CSL Meet & Greet | £79.99 for 8 days

CSL Meet and Greet Stansted

With CSL Meet and Greet you can enjoy the lowest priced off-site Stansted service at £79.99 for 8 days. Simply drop-off your vehicle outside the airport terminal with a friendly and professional memeber of CSL staff and you are free to head off on your holidays. When you return, you just need to give CSL a call once you have picked up your luggage and your car will be waiting for you. Please note that there is an additional £6 charge to exit the Stansted Airport pick-up area.




Official Stansted Parking

Long Stay | £51.99 for 8 days

London Stansted Airport Long StayThe Long Stay car park also operated by the airport is the same distance from the airport at 3 miles. It takes 15 minutes to reach the airport by bus and runs every 15 minutes and has the lowest Stansted Airport parking charges on the list! Simply drive to the car park barrier, your number plate will be scanned and once it has opened you can park your car where you like and keep the keys.




Meet & Greet | £72.00 for 8 days

London Stansted Airport Meet & GreetThe official valet service is the cheapest Meet & Greet service in the table and even better, as it is an official product there are no additional Stansted Airport parking fees. There is no hassle with this parking service, you just drop your car off with a trained valet outside the terminal. You then only have to walk 2 minutes to check-in and your car will be parked at a secure car park. Ideal if you are travelling with children or lots of luggage.




Short Stay | £79.00 for 8 days

London Stansted Airport Short Stay

The official Short Stay option is the most expensive Stansted Airport parking service available in our list, but it is also one of the most convenient. The car park is located just a few minutes walk from the terminal and provides you easy access with your luggage. It is a great option if you are travelling as a family or have a lot of luggage. You also benefit from the additional security of being on the airport terrain and get to park your car yourself and keep the keys.


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