Top 5 Cheap Stansted Parking Services

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If you are looking for the cheap parking Stansted offers, then you have come to the right place.

In this Top 5 blog, we have collected a list of all the best deals and offers available when it comes to cheap parking Stansted. Read on* for the best options when it comes to parking Stansted Airport cheap. Alternatively, you can check out our Stansted Airport Parking Prices article for a more in-depth overview of the choices available, including our Stansted Meet & Greet providers.


1. Long Stay Official Parking Stansted Airport (£67.49 per week)

Long Stay Official Park & Ride Stansted

As far as Stansted Airport Parking cheap options, it’s impossible to go lower than the Long Stay Official car park. At £67.49 per week, this official parking provider provides a 15-minute shuttle bus, available every 15 minutes, to get you to the airport. This Park Mark accredited car park provides excellent security for your vehicle as well.

You also get to keep your keys, meaning you don’t need to worry about your car being moved while you are away.


Book Maple Parking Park and Ride at Stansted


1. Maple Parking Park and Ride Stansted  (£67.49 per week)

London Stansted Maple Parking Park and Ride




For a closer option when it comes to Stansted Airport parking, you might want to consider Maple Parking Stansted. At just £67.49 per week, it is in tied for first place with Long Stay Official Stansted.

This Stansted park & ride service will have you at the airport in 5 minutes. Manned 24 hours a day and Park Mark accredited, you can be sure that your vehicle will be well-protected while you are travelling. This is the best rated car park in our list. 


Book Maple Parking Park and Ride at Stansted


3. Looking4Parking Park and Ride Stansted Airport (£72.75 per week)

Looking4Parking Priority park and Ride Stansted Airport

Another park and ride service that will have you at the terminal in under 5 minutes is the Looking4Parking Park and Ride.

The shuttle buses run every 20 minutes, 24/7, so you can be sure to reach the terminal in a timely manner.

The car park is safe as well, featuring 24-hour manned security, fencing, and gated entry.

All of this for the low price of £72.75 per week.


Book I Love Park and Ride at Stansted


4. CSL Park and Ride (£79.75 per week)

London Stansted CSL Park and Ride




Looking for an on-demand shuttle service and excellent security? CSL Stansted Airport Parking has got you covered at £79.75 per week.

The shuttle will have you at the airport in just 3 minutes.

The security features CCTV, alarms, and guard dogs. You can be sure that your vehicle is safe with CSL.


Book CSL Park and Ride at Stansted


5. Peak Park and Ride (£84.75 per week)

Peak Park and Ride London Stansted




Peak Park and Ride Stansted is a great choice for those looking for high quality. For Stansted parking cheap options, this Stansted provider ranks in 5th, but makes up for this with an efficient shuttle bus, and high quality safety features.

It takes just 3 minutes to reach the airport terminal and just £84.75 per week to book with this provider. 


Book Peak Park and Ride at Stansted


*The prices above are based on parking in October 2022 with a reservation made 6 months in advance.

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