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If you are looking for Manchester Airport Terminal 1 parking, then you have come to the right place. This page offers all the information you could need for finding a car park at Manchester Airport Terminal 1.

Our booking and comparison platform hosts a number of different car park providers and services, giving you a wide variety of choice between the different offers.

At Parkhero, you don’t need to worry about booking fees or creating profiles. You simply put in your dates in the search bar above, and you will be finding the best options for Manchester Terminal 1 parking in no time.


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✔️ Best RatedToad Parking
💰 Best Value for MoneyToad Parking
📏 Closest to the AirportManchester Multi Storey Terminal 1

For more information, you can also find out about our top cheapest Manchester Airport parking. For a more in-depth analysis of the costs, you might also be interested in our Manchester Airport parking price article.

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Types of Terminal 1 Manchester Airport Parking

There are 3 types of parking available at Manchester Airport Terminal 1. Below you will find a brief description of each, as well as the different service providers available for each option.


Park & Ride

You drive up to the parking at Manchester Airport Terminal 1 that you have selected and park your car. Once you have checked in, you take a shuttle bus to the airport terminal. Manchester Airport Park & Rides are a well-priced and effective service.

Perfect for those with a keen eye for their budget.


Meet & Greet

This is the choice for those that are in a rush or are looking for some more luxury. You drive to the airport terminal itself and then meet a uniformed valet driver. You perform a handover of your vehicle keys, and then you are on your way to the flight check-in. Meanwhile, your car will be parked for you.

Slightly pricier, but much faster.


Park & Stroll

This is the way to go if you want the convenience of being close to the airport, without relying on a valet or a shuttle. You simply park up directly at the airport terminal and then make your way over to the check-in at your leisure. On your return, you can walk directly back to where your car is parked and simply drive home.


Simple, but expensive.

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Park & ride Providers

Below, you can see the two Manchester Airport Terminal 1 Park & Ride parking providers.


Toad Parking ManchesterToad Parking Park & Ride Manchester

This is a great choice for those looking for a quick shuttle at a competitive price. Toad Parking Manchester is highly rated, open 24 hours a day, and you will reach the airport in just 3 minutes. The shuttle runs every 20 to 30 minutes.

In addition, there is a high level of security available at the car park itself. It uses 24 hour CCTV, manned patrols, and guard dogs. Floodlighting is also available, and the car park is Park Mark accredited for safer parking.


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Hunters Airport Parking Manchester

Hunters Airport Parking

Extremely highly rated and open 24/7, Hunters Airport Parking Manchester's shuttle will get you to the airport in just 10 minutes. Moreover, it is an on-demand shuttle, meaning you won’t have to wait for long.

The car park itself is Park Mark awarded. It features constantly monitored CCTV and floodlighting, ensuring that your car is well protected while you are away.


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Meet & Greet Services

Here we have a brief spotlight on what we consider to be the best option for meet and greet parking at Manchester Airport Terminal 1.


VIP Meet & Greet

VIP Meet & Greet Manchester Terminal 1

This is the best service to choose for those aiming for flexibility and professionalism. VIP Meet & Greet provides excellent vehicle security by way of its 24 hour monitored CCTV, regular security patrols, and underground parking.


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Park & Stroll Options

If you are looking to directly park at Manchester Airport Terminal 1, then this is the car park for you.


Multi Storey Manchester Terminal 1

Multi Storey Terminal 1

Manchester Airport Multi Storey Terminal 1 provides a fantastic option for those searching for a park and stroll parking option. This car park is just 100 metres away from the terminal, meaning you will be there in no time.


The car park features the very best in security measures, including automatic number plate recognition software, CCTV, and regular patrols. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Manchester Airport T1 Parking

Still have some questions about Manchester Airport Terminal 1 parking? Not sure which car park is right for you? Parkhero has you covered with our Terminal 1 parking FAQs. 


Do I Need to Pre-Book Parking at Terminal 1?

We always recommend that you should book your parking as soon as you book your flights. The earlier in advance that you book, the better chance you have of securing the lowest rate possible. While you don’t need to receive a space in advance, if you do opt to pay on the day, you may find that you have to pay significantly more. And worst case scenario - there are no free spaces left at all! 


Which Car Park Offers the Cheapest Parking at Manchester Airport Terminal 1?

It depends! Most car park rates operate on a sliding scale, meaning that the price per day will decrease the longer that you stay. At the same time, many will adjust their prices during holiday periods and in periods of high occupancy. The car park which offers the lowest rates over the weekend may not be the cheapest for a week long stay. It always pays to compare!


What is the Closest Car Park to Terminal 1 Manchester Airport?

The Manchester Airport Short Stay T1 Car Park is only a 2 minute walk to the Arrivals and Departure Halls, making it the close parking option at the airport. Although this service cannot be booked via Parkhero, you can instead reserve a space at the T1 Multi Storey Car Park, which is a similarly short walk from the check-in desks.


Are there Meet & Greet Services at Manchester Airport T1?

Yes! Manchester Airport owns and operates its own Meet & Greet Car Park at Terminal 1. You can reserve a space at the T1 Meet & Greet Car Park through Parkhero, and enjoy the convenience of having a professional, insured driver park your vehicle for you, as you head on to Departures.


What if I Just Want to Drop-off/Pick-up Passengers from Terminal 1?

There is a free Drop-off Zone located close to Terminal 1, where drivers can park without charge for up to 10 minutes. Bear in mind that your passengers would need to catch the free shuttle bus onwards to the terminal, and that there is a 'no return within 30 minutes' restriction in place within the zone. 

To collect passengers from Terminal 1, you can use the Short Stay Pick-up Zone, which is close to the airport. Unfortunately, this area is not free to use, and charges apply to all vehicles which wait here, no matter the duration of their stay.

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