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Informative 16 July 2019

Luton Airport Parking Prices

Luton Airport Parking Prices

If you are looking for great value Luton Airport parking, then you are on the right page! In this article we will give you an overview of Luton Airport parking prices and services to help you find the best deal for your trip. Discover what sort of parking is on offer at Luton and save money on your holiday, so that you can spend it on the fun things!

There are two main types of parking at Luton Airport – official and off-site parking. Official parking is offered and operated by the airport itself and is often found on the airport terrain. Off-site parking in contrast is provided by outside companies further away from the airport, meaning it is often the cheaper, but less convenient option. In the table below official and off-site car parks have been separated to allow for an easy comparison of the Luton parking prices and transfer times.




Luton Parking Prices

Parking Services

Parking Type

Cost per Week

(8 days)

Cost per Day

Transfer Time

Off-site Parking

Looking4 Green

Park & Ride



2 mins Shuttle


Meet & Greet



2 min Walk

Swift Airport Parking (Non-Flex)

Meet & Greet



2 min Walk

Smart Airport Parking

Meet & Greet



2 min Walk

Swift Airport Parking

Meet & Greet



2 min Walk

Official Airport Parking

Long Term

Park & Ride



10 mins Shuttle

Mid Term

Park & Ride



5 mins Shuttle

Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet



4 mins Walk

Multi Storey

Park & Walk



5 mins Walk

Table prices based on 26-08-2019 to 02-09-2019 and are accurate for these dates


The off-site Luton parking prices are clearly lower for both the Park & Ride and Meet & Greet options. For a lower price than the Official car parking, you also get a shorter transfer time to the airport terminal with off-site car parks. Those few minutes could make all the difference if you are in a rush at the airport! Below you will find a short description of each of the car parks in the table to help you make your choice. Keep in mind that for the off-site Meet & Greet services there may be additional Luton Airport parking fees to leave the drop-off area.


Off-site Luton Parking


Luton Looking4 Park and RideLooking4 Green | £75 for 8 days

Looking4 Green Park & Ride service has the cheapest Luton Airport parking charges in the table at £75.00 for 8 days. It is operated by Swift Airport Parking and has a transfer time to the airport of just 2 minutes by shuttle. You simply need to drop-off your car with the keys at reception and hop on the shuttle. Shuttles leave every 20 minutes and operate 24/7.


Luton DriveFly Meet and GreetDriveFly | £85.99 for 8 days

DriveFly offers a convenient Meet & Greet service, allowing you to drop-off your car directly at the airport terminal. The service operates 24/7 so no matter when you want to drop-off and pick-up your car there will be someone there waiting. Your car will be taken by a valet to a secure off-site car park and all valets wear distinctive uniforms and carry ID. Rest assured that your car is secure with CCTV and security patrols. There is also a Non-Flex option which is great value for money if you know your dates will not change.


Luton Smart Airport ParkingSmart Airport Parking | £110.99 for 8 days

Another Meet & Greet service, Smart Airport Parking is almost £20 more expensive than DriveFly. Again, you drop your car off directly at the terminal, it is taken to a secure off-site car park and brought back to the terminal when you return. All drivers are fully insured and carry ID. The service is in operation 24/7 and provides security for your vehicle at all times with patrols and CCTV.


Luton Swift Airport ParkingSwift Airport Parking | £135.99 for 8 days

With Swift Airport Parking Meet & Greet, you can choose from a flex and non-flex option, ideal for those unsure of their dates. It is the most expensive Meet & Greet option in the table and as with the other options, you drop-off your car directly at the terminal with a valet who takes it to a secure off-site car park. You can then walk just 2 minutes to the departure area. The service operates 24/7 and provides your car with excellent security around the clock.


Official Luton Parking


Luton Long Term ParkingLong Term | £77.99 for 8 days

The Long Term car park has the lowest Luton Airport car parking charges in the Official section of the list and provides a convenient Park & Ride service. The service operates 24/7 and you can park your car yourself, choose your own space and keep your keys. There is an entry barrier which will open after scanning your number plate. Once parked head to the shuttle which takes 10 minutes to reach the terminal and runs every 5 to 10 minutes.


Luton Mid Term ParkingMid Term | £109.99 for 8 days

For a bit extra you can park a bit closer to the airport with a 5-minute shuttle to the airport from the Mid Term car park. Buses run every 12 minutes and operate 24/7. Again, you can park your car yourself and keep your keys for extra security during your trip. Drive up to the entry barrier on arrival and it will recognise your number plate to let you in.


Luton Meet and Greet ParkingMeet and Greet | £133.99 for 8 days

The official Meet and Greet service operated by the airport is very convenient and great if you have a large group or lots of luggage. You simply need to drive to Level 2 of the Multi Story Car Park where you will be met by a valet who will park your car for you. It is then a 3 to 4 minute walk to the terminal. There is excellent security in place and you can rest assured that your car has the extra security of the airport terrain.


Luton Airport Meet and GreetMulti Storey | £161.99 for 8 days

Just a 5 minute walk from the terminal building, the Multi Storey car park is the closest car park to the terminal. It also has the highest Luton Airport parking cost for the convenience! You will need to make a booking first then take a ticket at the barrier where you number plate will be recognised by the system. You can choose your own space and keep your keys.



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