Top 3 Cheap Parking Luton Airport Services

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Are you set to fly from Luton Airport soon? Yes? Then it’s definitely worth your while taking a look through our top 3 list of cheap Luton Airport parking options available based on a price of 8 days. No matter your car parking preferences, you will find the best options available for cheap Luton Airport parking at Parkhero.  


#1 Blue Circle (Drivefly) Parking  |  £66.99/8 days or £8.37/day

Blue Circle Meet and Greet

Blue Circle (Drivefly) Meet and Greet is a prime option when looking for a Luton parking cheap provider for the Airport and offers a simple, yet reliable service for you for only £66.99 for 8 days (£8.37/day). The team will get you off on a great start to your trip. Instead of having to drive to a car park and wait for a shuttle, you will only need to drop your car off at the terminal. They will handle the rest.  The car park offers 24 hour security which includes full CCTV coverage and regular patrols.


#2 Smart Airport Parking  |  £89.50/8 days or £11.19/day

Smart Parking Luton

At number 5 on the list of cheap parking Luton Airport options is Smart Airport Parking Meet and Greet. It offers an efficient, simple to use Park and Ride service for just £89.50 for 8 days (£11.19/day).  The hassle free approach requires you to simply drive straight to the terminal where someone will be ready to greet you before taking your car to a secure car park. This Luton Airport Parking has also been Police accredited with the Park Mark award and includes 24 hour security, CCTV coverage and patrols.


#3 Swift Airport Parking  |  £89.50/8 days or £11.19/day

Swift Parking Luton Airport

Coming in at number 4 is Luton Airport’s Swift Airport Parking Meet and Greet service with prices at just £89.50 for 8 days (£11.19/day).  As its name suggests, the car park provides a quick service and is less than 1 mile away from the airport, allowing you to simply drop off your vehicle outside the terminal. Swift Airport Parking Meet and Greet also provides superior security with 24hr surveillance, CCTV and fully insured professional drivers. You can be secure in the knowledge that you care is in safe hands.


There you have it the top cheapest car parking options at Luton Airport on our site. Be sure to keep in mind that the earlier you book, the more you can save! Book now with Parkhero and save time and money on your trip.


The prices above are based on parking for 8 days in June 2020.

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