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If you are headed off on a short break from Heathrow, whether a weekend break, city break, short holiday or business trip, you have plenty of Heathrow short stay parking options to choose from. There is the official Short Stay car park at each of Heathrow’s four terminals, the official Business parking option and numerous fantastic value off-site parking services. Which is best for your trip will depend on your budget and how much convenience you’re looking for. Below in our brief guide to short term parking Heathrow, we will help you decide with all you need to know on the price, location and facilities of each service.


Heathrow Short Stay Parking Charges

The cost of parking at Heathrow Airport depends on how close the car park is located to the terminals, the time of year you are travelling and how much convenience the service offers. There is a Short Term car park at Terminal 2, 3, 4 and 5 and each is around a 5 minute walk from the Departures area. While these are the most convenient options, they are also the most expensive.

In the table below you can see the cost of parking at each of the Short Term car parks for a number of hours. Prices start at £4.90 for up to 29 minutes and rise to £19.70 for 4 hours and £70.40 for 24 hours.


Time periodT1 Short Stay
Up to 29 mins £4.90
Up to 1 hour£10.50
Up to 2 hours£13.20
Up to 4 hours£19.70
Up to 9 hours£44.30
Up to 12 hours£57.90
Up to 24 hours£70.40
Every additional 24 hours£70.40


If you are looking for a better value Heathrow short stay option, then consider parking at an off-site car park instead. While you will need to catch a shuttle to and from the terminal, you will easily save a considerable amount of money.

For instance, if you park with one of our top-rated parking services, Air Parker, prices for 24 hours start at just £9.95. That is a £60.45 price difference compared to stay 24 hours at one of the Short Term car parks! You can park with Air Parker for 4 days for almost a quarter of the price you will pay when parking at the official Short Term car park for just 1 day.

Below you can see a comparison table overview of other off-site options available for Heathrow.


Time periodAir Parker T2, T3 & T5

Airtime Parking

Air Parker T4
Up to 24 hours £9.95£18.99£18.95
2 days£16.95£21.99£25.95
3 days £19.95£25.14£28.95
4 days£25.95£30.14£34.95

Prices are based on bookings made 6 months in advance for June 2021.


The off-site car parks offered on Parkhero are highly-rated by customers and offer a reliable service from just outside the airport. They enjoy regular shuttle transfers which are offered free of charge and take a maximum of 15 minutes to reach the terminal. Services run around the clock and the buses will drop you off and pick you up right outside the terminal entrance.

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Drop-off and Pick-up

Using the short stay car parks is also an option used by many when picking up and dropping off passengers at Heathrow. While you are able to drop-off in the dedicated lanes outside the terminals, you are not permitted to wait and will be moved along by the police or airport staff. There is strict security in this area and it can be a much less stressful experience to park in the Short Stay car park.

However, as you have seen Heathrow Short Stay parking is expensive, even for less than 30 minutes. A better option is to park for free in the Heathrow Long Stay car park. You can park up for free for 2 hours and make use of the free shuttle bus between the car park and the terminal. Buses take around 10 minutes and are worth the slight inconvenience to avoid the cost and stress of the alternatives.


Why you should book with Parkhero

Whether you are looking for Heathrow Terminal 2 Short Stay, Terminal 4 Long Stay or any other sort of parking at Heathrow, Parkhero can help you save money. We have years of experience working in the airport parking industry and have compiled a great selection of reliable and trusted off-site car parks. We only sell parking services from well-rated providers who have impeccable Park Mark security features and provide excellent customer service.

Parkhero makes it easy for you to save up to 60% on your parking when you book in advance. Simply book your parking as soon as you book your flight and you will have the best variety of options. All you need to do is enter your travel dates and our intuitive comparison tool will bring together the best options for your trip ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive. Choose the service you want and within 5 minutes you will have completed your booking without having to make an account.

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Prices and availability may change at any time. For the most recent and relevant information about Heathrow Airport, you should check the official website at: www.heathrow.com.

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