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Are you dropping off or picking up passengers from Gatwick Airport and stressing about the cost and the hassle? Well, you don’t need to. There are plenty of parking options with something to suit every budget from the expensive but convenient Short Stay car parks to the free and slightly less convenient Long Stay car parks. With our tips below, you can decide which works best for you and find all the practical information you need to ensure your dropping off or picking up experience goes smoothly.

In this guide, we offer detailed information, directions, and alternatives for collecting or leaving passengers at the airport. We will begin with the drop off options and then move forward with the pick-ups. Continue reading to see which car park or parking zone fits your needs.


Drop-off at Gatwick Airport

There are two different free Gatwick Airport drop off zones, one for the North and one for the South Terminal. Both of them are conveniently located close to their corresponding terminal. Passengers will only have to follow the signs and walk a few minutes straight to the departures.

Gatwick North Terminal drop off zone is on the lower level forecourt, situated between Sofitel Hotel and the multi-storey car park. The Gatwick South Terminal drop off area is on the lower level. These zones are designated only for drop-offs, but there aren’t many spaces available, so you will need to be quick. Just park your car, unload the luggage, and say goodbye.

Starting from next year, Gatwick Airport will introduce a £5 charge for the drop-off zones. The generated revenue aims to help the airport recover from the economic impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the definite date on which these charges will begin to apply is yet to be announced.

If you wish to spend more time with those you are dropping off, you can pay for a spot in the Short-Stay Car Park or park for free for 2 hours in the Long Stay car park. You will find more information about the short and long stay car parks after the Pick Up section below.


Gatwick Airport Pick Up

Gatwick Airport recommends parking at the Short Stay car park when coming to pick up passengers. This could cost you between £8 and £13.00 (see table). You can park up, go to the arrivals, and help your incoming friends or family members with their luggage. You can use one of the Express pick up areas located in the Short Stay car parks at both terminals. These Express pick up zones are conveniently close to the terminal, so if you don’t want to wander around and get stuck in traffic, you can park here for a quick passenger pick up. Standard Short Stay Car Parks charges incur at these areas. Please, review the table in the relevant section below to see the hourly and daily fees.

Gatwick North Terminal rapid pick-up area is on Level 4 of Car Park 6. Gatwick Airport pick up zones for the South Terminal are situated on Level 0 of Car Park 3. Remember that you cannot park and leave your vehicle unattended. 

If you end up parking at the wrong terminal, it is not the end of the world! There is a free and efficient monorail service between the North and South terminals. It takes a two-minute ride from the South Terminal to the North Terminal and vice versa. The shuttle station is located close to the train station at Gatwick's South Terminal.


Gatwick Short Stay Car Parks

At Gatwick Airport, the Short-Stay Car Parks are available at both the South and the North Terminal. You can park here when dropping off and picking up passengers. The hourly and daily charges at this facility are demonstrated in the table below:


Parking Duration


Up to 30 minutes£4.00
31 to 60 minutes£8.00
1 to 2 hours£13.00
2 to 3 hours£15.00
3 to 4 hours £19.00
4 to 5 hours£22.00
5 to 6 hours£26.00
6 to 12 hours£40.00
12 to 24 hours£45.00
Every extra day£45.00


Directions to Short Stay Car Parks

The South Terminal short-stay parking facility (car park 3 - orange) is on Westway, Horley, Gatwick RH6 0LL. The GPS navigation system might not always be accurate, so it’s advisable to also follow the road signs. You can also have a look at the directions to South Terminal short-stay car park:

  • From the direction of London or Brighton, exit the M23 at junction 9 following signs on the roundabout for Gatwick Airport.
  • Use the filter lane and turn left at the first roundabout (J9a) following signs to the South Terminal.
  • Follow signs to the Short Stay car park.
  • Move to the right hand lane and approach the entrance barriers to the Short Stay car parks which are directly ahead.

The North Terminal short-stay parking (car park 5) is on Departures Rd, Horley, Gatwick RH6 0PJ. You can also have a look at the driving directions:

  • From the direction of London or Brighton, exit the M23 at Junction 9 and follow signs on the roundabout for Gatwick Airport.
  • Go straight ahead at the first roundabout (J9a) following signs for the North Terminal.
  • At the next roundabout take the first exit signposted North Terminal.
  • Move to the left hand lane and approach the entrance barriers to the Short Stay car parks which are directly ahead.

The car parks are only a 5-minute walk to the airport. There are signs to guide you either to the South or the North Terminal.


Upon Arrival

When arriving at the car park, stop by the entrance barrier. Wait for a few seconds for your vehicle’s number plate to be scanned. Right after, take your ticket from the machine and enter the facility. Don’t panic if a ticket isn’t issued. Simply, press the button at the gate to ask for help.


Transfer to/from Short Stay Car Park

If you park in the South Terminal Short Stay Car Park but your passengers’ flight departs from the North Terminal, they will need to board the free inter-terminal shuttle to reach their destination. It is only a two-minute ride from the South Terminal car park to the North Terminal and vice versa. The shuttle runs 24/7. They’ll only have to wait for a few minutes for the next shuttle to pick you up.

The shuttle station is located close to the train station at Gatwick's South Terminal. From the South Terminal or the train station, follow the signs for North Terminal to board the shuttle.


Additional Information

If parking at one of the short stay car parks is a good option for you, keep the following in mind:

  • Car Park 5 at the North Terminal Short Stay has a height restriction of 1.8m
  • South Terminal Short Stay Car Park can accommodate vehicles up to 2m in height
  • Regarding your vehicle’s safety, the facilities are barrier controlled, patrolled regularly and most importantly they are ParkMark Safer Parking approved


Parking at Long Stay Car Parks

A much cheaper option is to park at Long Stay Car Park when picking up or dropping off passengers. The first two hours of parking are free of charge! This is ideal if you want to park for a while, grab a coffee nearby, and make a proper farewell. The North Terminal Car Park is on Horley Road (RH6 0RN) and the South is on Horley Road (RH6 0NY). Use these postal code addresses on your GPS for accurate driving directions.

Once you reach one of the car parks, drive up to the barrier gate, and wait for your vehicles’ licence plate to be scanned. If you see that your ticket isn’t printed, press the button on the machine for assistance. Follow the signs to the open parking zone and find a parking spot. Keep your ticket safe, and make sure it is validated before exiting the car park. Otherwise, you risk paying more than you should.


Transfer to/from Long Stay Car Parks

There is a free shuttle service running every 7-12 minutes. Bus stops are located right outside the car parks. It usually takes between 5–10 minutes to reach the North Terminal and 7–12 minutes to reach the South Terminal. During the peak holiday season, the shuttles can become crowded and you might need to wait a little longer.


Additional Information

Please, take a look at the following information, if you decide to use the Long Stay Car Parks:

  • No height restrictions
  • Trailers are not allowed in the parking facilities
  • The car parks are fenced, well-lit, monitored by Gatwick security guards and they are also ParkMark Safer Parking approved


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