Top 5 Cheap East Midlands Airport Parking Services

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If you are travelling from East Midlands Airport, there are plenty of options for you. If you are looking for cheap parking, we have listed information from some of the official parking services provided by the airport. East Midlands Airport parking have plenty to offer; we have listed our top 5 car parks which include, cost per day and cost per 8 days, depending on the length of your trip. It can be stressful when you are travelling, but with this guide we can help you to choose the perfect parking provider.

Parking ServicePrice Per DayPrice per weekPrice per 2 weeksTransfer TimeRating
Mid Stay 3£7.50£59.99£80.9910 Minutes9.1
Mid Stay 2£8.12£64.99£86.996 Minutes8.5
Short Stay 3£9.12£72.99£91.993 Minutes8.7
Short Stay 2£9.99£79.99£95.992 Minutes9.5
Short Stay 1£11.62£93.00£113.002 Minutes7.8


#1 Mid Stay 3 Official  |  £59.99/8 days or £7.50/day

East Midlands Mid Stay 3Our number one cheap car parking East Midlands is Mid Stay 3 Official, coming in at just £59.99 for 8 days (£7.50 per day). As an official car park for East Midlands Airport, the parking service is operated by the airport. This Park and Ride car park means that once you have taken the parking service you are only 5 minutes from your airport check-in. You are also offered a free bus transfer to your terminal. The transfers run every 10 minutes and the parking service is on hand 24/7  so you can simply collect your keys on your return.


Book Mid Stay 3 at East Midlands Airport



#2 Mid Stay 2 Official  |  £64.99/8 days or £8.12/day

East Midlands Mid Stay 2Official Mid Stay 2 is open for 365 days of the year at £64.99 for 8 days (£8.12 per day.) This cheap car parking East Midlands is only 300m away from your airport check-in ensuring that you are nice and close to your terminal. At Mid Stay 2 you are able to keep your keys with you until your return which saves valuable time and gets you on route home quickly. This is a cheaper option than pick number 3 with the same security for your car.  So if you’re looking to save money for your trip, Mid Stay 2 is the perfect option.


Book Mid Stay 2 at East Midlands Airport



#3 Short Stay 3 Official  |  £72.99/8 days or £9.12/day (Not available on Parkhero)

East Midlands Short Stay 2

Official Short Stay 3 offers cheap car parking East Midlands Airport for most vehicles, as it has no maximum clearance height. As an official onsite parking service you are able to simply walk to your check-in destination within 5 minutes. At the Short Stay 3 car park you can park your car yourself and keep your keys with you, providing you with ease before your trip. This car park comes in at £72.99 for 8 days or £9.12 per day and is open 24/7, has 24 hours surveillance, cameras and barriers which will ensure your vehicle’s protection.



#4 Short Stay 2 Official  |  £79.99/8 days or £9.99/day (Not available on Parkhero)

East Midlands Short Stay 2Coming in at number 4 for our cheap East Midlands Airport parking is the Official Short Stay 2. The Short Stay is less than 5- minutes walk from the airport check-in and is open 24/7 for those middle of the night flights. If you are looking for cheap parking East Midlands, then at only £79.99 for 8 days or £9.99 per day, this is a great option. You can keep hold of your keys and by being only 200 metres away from the airport, you can avoid any unwanted waiting times. Short Stay car park 2 has been fitted with cameras and barriers to keep your vehicle safe at all times.



#5 Short Stay 1 Official  |  £93.00/8 days or £11.62/day (Not available on Parkhero)

East Midlands Short Stay 2The Short Stay 1 official car park offers the same service as the Short Stay 2 car park but is located closer to the airport and is therefore more expensive. If you are looking for convenience and are only travelling for a couple of days, this could be an excellent choice of car park. 



The prices above are based on parking for 8 days in March 2022 with a reservation made 6 months in advance

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