East Midlands Airport Parking Charges

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If you are flying from East Midlands Airport, chances are you are going to need to find East Midlands Airport parking. There are a lot of different parking options to choose from and it can be difficult to decide which is the best value for money. In this article we will help you make your decision. We have compiled the East Midlands Airport parking prices for 8 days (1-week holiday) in the table below, making it simple to compare the different services. Whether you are looking for Meet and Greet, Park and Ride or Park and Walk services, you will find all the information you need below to compare East Midlands Airport parking prices.

All of the parking services below are official services provided by the airport itself. *Please note that not all of the products are available on our site.


East Midlands Airport Parking Prices


Parking ServicesCost per WeekCost per DayParking TypeTransfer Time
Mid Stay 3£55.99£7.00Park and Ride5 mins
Mid Stay 2£59.99£7.50Park and Ride5 mins
Mid Stay 1£61.99£7.75Park and Walk5 mins
Meet & Greet£68.00£8.50Meet and Greet2 mins


Official East Midlands Airport Parking


Mid Stay 3 | £55.99 for 8 days


Mid Stay 3 East Midlands Airport


Mid Stay 3 has the cheapest East Midlands Airport car park charges at just £55.99 for an 8 day stay. It is the furthest car park away from the terminal in the table, but the difference in the distance is not great, making this car park a great value option for those wanting to save money for the fun things during their holidays! It enjoys high quality security and is simple and straightforward to use.


Mid Stay 2 | £59.99 for 8 days


Mid Stay 2 East Midlands Airport


With Mid Stay 2 you can park your car yourself and enter the car park via number plate recognition at the entrance barrier. This car park is open 24/7 and is within a 5 minute walk of the terminal. It is slightly closer to the terminal than Mid Stay 3 but not as close as Mid Stay 1. There is only a few minutes walk in it though and you can enjoy great value East Midlands Airport parking charges.


Mid Stay 1 | £61.99 for 8 days


Mid Stay 1 East Midlands Airport


Mid Stay 1 is the closest of the Mid Stay options and costs £61.99 for 8 days, which is about £6 more expensive than the cheapest airport parking prices East Midlands at Mid Stay 3. I fyou don't want to walk far then this is the choice for you! You can be at the airport in no time and get to choose your own spot and keep your keys. This gives you greater flexibility in entering and leaving the car park.


Meet & Greet | £68.00 for 8 days


Meet and Greet East Midlands Airport


The Meet & Greet parking prices East Midlands Airport are reasonable for a very convenient service. You can drop your car off with a valet in the Short Term car park outside the terminal and it will be parked securely for you on the airport site. When you return you find your car waiting in the same area. There is no stress of finding a car parking space and as it is an official option, there are no additional exit fees!


If you would like to know more about parking at East Midlands Airport, click here.


Table prices based on a week (8 days) between 10-08-2020 and 17-08-2020 with a reservation made in advance. Prices can vary by reservation date.
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