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T2 Long Stay Manchester Airport

Important! The T2 Long Stay Car Park is closed until further notice. For similar long-term Manchester Airport parking services, check out: Toad Parking, Hunters Airport Parking, or Skypark Manchester.

If you’re searching for budget parking close to Terminal 2, the T2 Long Stay Manchester Airport might be just what you’re looking for. Booking your long term airport parking couldn’t be easier, than with the T2 Long Stay Car Park. One of Manchester Airport’s official parking options, the car park is competitively priced and Park Mark accredited. 

At the Long Stay Terminal 2 Manchester, you’ll park your own car, keep your keys and then hop onto one of the regular transfer bus, which take only 5-10 minutes to get to check-in. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, suitable for all flights departing from T2, no matter how early or how late.


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Address of the Car ParkManchester Airport, Manchester M90 5PR
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Park & Ride Meet & Greet
How does Park and Ride parking work?

You drive to the parking you chose and will be brought to the airport within 30 minutes, the bus has a flexible schedule. At the parking you get information about your pickup after your vacation. After landing you contact the valet and they will bring your car to you.

The shuttle is always free and available Flexible driving schedule Dropped and picked up at the terminal
1 Parking You park your car, you get instructions on where you will be picked and you will be provided with a phone number.
2 Shuttle bus to The shuttle bus is always there within 30 minutes and has a fleixble schedule.
3 Shuttle bus back You call the number that we provide you with then you meet at the confimed location.
4 Go home Drive home as soon as you are at the parking.
With Manchester Long Stay T2 you are protected by:
Yes 24 hour surveillance
The car park has 24 hour security.
No Vehicle inspection
Your car will be checked for pre-existing damage and the mileage noted.
Yes CamerasNo FenceYes Barrier
No No max. Clearance height
There are no height restrictions at this car park.
No Asphalt or pavingNo Illuminated terrainNo Electric chargingNo Waiting roomNo Toilet
Yes Open 24 hours
The car park is open 24 hours a day with staff onsite.
No Keep car keysNo Starting aidNo IndoorNo Luggage assistanceNo Car wash
What customers say about Manchester Long Stay T2
Manchester Long Stay T2 has an avarage rating of 8
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Anoniem- 11-01-2019 "Simple process. Had everything we needed."
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Why Book at the Long Stay Terminal 2 Manchester?

Get your holiday off to a great, hassle free start by booking one of Manchester Airport’s official parking options. On-site parking has the advantage of being close to Departures, and under the close supervision of the airport’s security team. The car park is protected by CCTV, and high perimeter fencing. 

  • The Long Stay T2 Car Park is open 24/7/365
  • Situated close to the airport zone
  • Free shuttle transfers in both directions
  • Journey time takes just 5 to 10 minutes 
  • Park Mark accredited, with good security measures 


How the Process Works

The T2 Manchester Airport Long Stay Car Park is straightforward and easy to use. The car park employs automatic number plate recognition technology, meaning that you simply need to drive up to the barrier to gain access. The parking system will scan your number plate, and the barrier will rise. Should you experience any issues, you can press the help button on the intercom. 

After you have parked up and retrieved your luggage, you’ll need to wait at the bus stop the next available courtesy shuttle bus. The journey time is approximately 5 - 10 minutes. On your return to Manchester Airport, you’ll need to take the shuttle bus back to the car park, where you can collect your vehicle and then drive home. The barrier should rise automatically - but if not, just press the help button on the intercom.


T2 Long Stay Manchester Airport Reviews

An affordable car park which serves Terminal 2, is close to the airport, and offers great value for money? - That has to be the T2 Long Stay Car Park. Parkhero customers have left stellar four and five star reviews for the T2 Long Stay Manchester Airport, for its friendly customer service, close proximity to Terminal 2, and prompt shuttle service.

You can read these reviews on the Parkhero website, by scrolling further up the page. We publish all reviews of the T2 Long Stay Car Park on our site, complete and unedited, so that you know what to expect before parking. These reviews are also useful to the team at Parkhero, as they help us monitor the quality of the services provided by the car park. Our mission is to ensure that everyone experiences a stress-free trip to the airport, starting with their parking. 


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