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Park Smart Liverpool Airport

For one of the easiest and most convenient ways to use Liverpool Airport Parking, look no further than Park Smart. Park Smart Liverpool Airport service is one of the closest available car parks to the terminal, giving you a quick and stress-free way to park before catching your flight.

Park Smart Park and Walk Liverpool Airport service can take the hassle out of your upcoming journey. You park your car yourself, no need to leave your keys with anyone, and then simply walk to the terminal. The car park is a short walk from the terminal, letting you catch your flight quickly and without needing to wait around for a bus.

Park Smart Parking Liverpool is just a five-minute walk from the terminal. While you’re away, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is safely secured in a Park Mark awarded car park. Park Smart Parking Liverpool is ideal if you’d like a good mix of convenience and value.


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Address of the Car Park Liverpool Airport, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 1YD
Distance: 6min
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Park & Ride Meet & Greet Walking distance
How does parking within walking distance work?

At these parking options there is no shuttle needed because they are very close to the aiport. Park your car and walk to the terminal.

Not dependent on anyone Always close the the terminal No waiting times
1 Park your car Drive to the parking, park your car and walk to the terminal
2 Travel directly You are independently mobile and can walk immediately to the terminal
3 After your trip Simply walk to the parking area.
4 Go home The barrier will open and you can exit the parking.
With Park Smart Parking you are protected by:
Yes 24 hour surveillance
The car park has 24 hour security.
No Vehicle inspection
Your car will be checked for pre-existing damage and the mileage noted.
Yes CamerasNo FenceYes Barrier
No No max. Clearance height
There are no height restrictions at this car park.
Yes Asphalt or pavingYes Illuminated terrainNo Electric chargingNo Waiting roomNo Toilet
Yes Open 24 hours
The car park is open 24 hours a day with staff onsite.
Yes Keep car keysNo Starting aidNo IndoorNo Luggage assistanceNo Car wash
What customers say about Park Smart Parking
Park Smart Parking has an avarage rating of 9.3
Time keeping
Tracey Monroe- 07-02-2020 "Camera didn't recognise my plate but assistant was very helpful and let me in"
Time keeping
Micky Lewis- 07-02-2020 "Easy to access and only a short walk from the terminal"
Time keeping
Robin Michaels- 07-02-2020 "Really quick and easy service just minutes away from the terminal"
Time keeping

How Does Park Smart Park and Walk Work?

Park Smart Liverpool Airport help you to avoid a lot of the stress and hassle associated with airport parking. Simply book your space online and arrive on the day of your flight. Parks your car yourself and hang onto your car keys. There’s no need to wait around for a shuttle bus, you can simply stroll down to the terminal. The walk is only five to seven minutes, so it’s easy even if you have luggage. Once you return from your trip, take a walk back to the car park, collect your car and drive home. The process is fast and straightforward.


Park Smart Specifications and Facilities

Park Smart Parking LPL are open 24 hours a day, meaning you can use the service no matter what time your flight is. While you’re away, you can rest easy knowing that your car is well looked after. The car park is protected by fencing and surveillance cameras ensure 24/7 security. You won’t have to leave your keys with anyone, meaning that once you return you can quickly pick up your car and leave.


Park Smart Reviews

Once you’ve come home from your trip, we’ll ask you for a short review giving us some details of your experience. Park Smart Liverpool Reviews are really helpful to us as they mean we can make better recommendations to other travellers. We also like to know that your experience went smoothly and that there were no issues.

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