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Jet Parks 2 East Midlands Airport

Jet Parks 2 Park and Ride service is a fast and simple way to use East Midlands Airport parking. As one of the most popular parking providers at East Midlands Airport, Jet Parks 2 allows you to park your car and catch your flight with minimal hassle.

Offering a great service whilst also being affordable, JetParks 2 parking provides a free shuttle bus to get you to the airport. Simply park your car in your space, then catch a bus from a nearby bus stop. Your car will be kept safe until your return and there’ll be another bus to take you back to the car park.

Jet Parks 2 is just a short bus journey away from the airport, usually around 12-15 minutes. Because it’s so close, you’ll be able to quickly catch your flight after parking. Park and Ride is ideal if you’re looking for excellent value or long term parking. If you’re hoping to take some of the stress out of your journey, Jet Parks 2 could be perfect for you.


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Address of the Car ParkEast Midlands Airport Ltd Parking, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2SA.
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Park & Ride Meet & Greet
How does Park and Ride parking work?

You drive to the parking you chose and will be brought to the airport within 30 minutes, the bus has a flexible schedule. At the parking you get information about your pickup after your vacation. After landing you contact the valet and they will bring your car to you.

The shuttle is always free and available Flexible driving schedule Dropped and picked up at the terminal
1 Parking You park your car, you get instructions on where you will be picked and you will be provided with a phone number.
2 Shuttle bus to The shuttle bus is always there within 30 minutes and has a fleixble schedule.
3 Shuttle bus back You call the number that we provide you with then you meet at the confimed location.
4 Go home Drive home as soon as you are at the parking.
With JetParks 2 East Midlands you are protected by:
Yes 24 hour surveillance
The car park has 24 hour security.
No Vehicle inspection
Your car will be checked for pre-existing damage and the mileage noted.
Yes CamerasNo FenceYes Barrier
No No max. Clearance height
There are no height restrictions at this car park.
No Asphalt or pavingYes Illuminated terrainNo Electric chargingNo Waiting roomNo Toilet
Yes Open 24 hours
The car park is open 24 hours a day with staff onsite.
Yes Keep car keysNo Starting aidNo IndoorNo Luggage assistanceNo Car wash
What customers say about JetParks 2 East Midlands
JetParks 2 East Midlands has an avarage rating of 8.3
Time keeping
Dave - 03-07-2019 "Slightly expensive but good overall"
Time keeping
Ant - 03-07-2019 "Easy to use but car was sat in large puddle with all the rain"
Time keeping
Kyle - 03-07-2019 "Barrier recognition worked well and no waiting for a bus. Would use again!"
Time keeping

How does Jet Parks 2 Park and Ride work?

Jet Parks 2 East Midlands Airport is one of the simplest providers to use. You just need to pre-book your parking space and then show up on the day you travel. When you drive up to the barrier of the car park, your number plate will be read and you’ll be given access. From here, you just park your car and then catch the regularly scheduled bus from one of the nearby bus stops. The free bus service will take you directly to the airport, giving you plenty of time. When you return there’ll be a bus to take you back to pick up your car from Jet Parks 2 East Midlands International airport.


JetParks 2 Specifications and Facilities

Jet Parks 2 EMA make sure your car is protected whilst you’re away. The car park is under 24-hour security surveillance and there are video cameras to ensure your car is kept safe. Jet Parks 2 East Midlands car park is kept well-lit at all times so you can easily find your car even if you come back late. You’ll be able to keep your car keys whilst you’re away, giving you extra peace of mind.


Finding Parking with Parkhero

Unfortunately you cannot book JetParks 2 with Parkhero, but do not worry there are many other cheap pakring options available on our site for East Midlands Airport! Simply enter your travel dates into our comparison tool and you will be directed to the best value deals available for your trip. Bookings can be made in mere minutes, saving you both time and money.

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