Covid-19 FAQs

Why have we introduced a credit voucher?
Global travel restrictions brought in due to the threat of COVID-19 have meant that we have experienced an unprecedented number of cancellations at one time. This is a big challenge for our business. The credit voucher will allow us to handle all of the cancellation requests in a timely manner and meet our service obligations to our customers over a longer period.


What is our credit voucher policy?

If made a booking with Parkhero and you wish to cancel due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances surrounding the corona virus, you will receive a credit voucher. This voucher is worth 100% of your old reservation and you can use it in the future to book a new parking service on Parkhero. The credit voucher only applies to cancellations made after 14th September 2020 and before June 4th 2021 and the voucher is only valid until 01/01/2022.


Until when is the voucher valid?

You can redeem the voucher up until 01/01/2022.

If you do not redeem the voucher within this period, you will automatically be refunded the outstanding amount. Customers who did not book cancellation insurance will have a cancellation fee of 15% of the original booking value deducted from their refund at the end of the period.


What is the value of the voucher?

The voucher is worth 100% of your old reservation minus transaction costs and or costs for cancellation insurance.

If the new parking service you choose on Parkhero is more expensive, then you will need to pay the difference yourself. However, if the new parking service you choose is cheaper, then you will be refunded the difference.


Which parking spaces can I reserve with the voucher?

You can use the voucher to reserve all available parking service on You can make the booking via our partner Mobian's website.


Who can use this voucher?

The voucher can only be used by the same person who booked the original, now cancelled, reservation.


How can I use / redeem the voucher?

You can redeem the voucher by making your booking on our parnter Mobian's website and by entering the voucher code which is your former booking reference number (Mobian ID) at the check-out. You will immediately receive a discount on your new reservation. If the value of your voucher is higher than the cost of your new booking, you will be refunded the outstanding amount.


What is the advantage of the voucher?

By obtaining the voucher you will receive 100% of the value of your reservation to book a new parking service on Parkhero. You do not have to pay a cancellation fee of 15%, unless you do not redeem your voucher by 01/01/2022.


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