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Informative 12 Febr 2020

Newcastle Airport Parking Prices

Newcastle Airport Parking Prices

If you are planning your next holiday and want to find the best Newcastle Airport parking prices, then you are in the right place! Newcastle Airport is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the North of England and there are plenty of parking options to choose from. With an idea of the Newcastle parking prices to expect and a bit of advice about each service, we hope to help you make the right choice for your trip.

In the table below you will find an overview of the Newcastle parking charges for 8 days. They have been split by off-site and official services with the price per day and price for the whole period. Each airport offers official parking service which they operate themselves and there are also off-site services run by external companies. As you will see below, at Newcastle Airport the off-site parking options offer a better value service and you can easily compare Newcastle Airport parking charges for your trip. (Please note that not all of the products are available on our site.)



Newcastle Parking Prices

Parking Services

Cost per Week

(8 days)

Cost per Day

Parking Type

Transfer Time

Off-site Parking

Park & Fly



Park and Ride

5 minutes

Official Parking

Long Stay



Park and Ride

3 minutes

Premium Meet & Greet



Meet and Greet

1 minute

Short Stay



Park and Walk

1 minute

*Table prices based on 10-08-2020 to 17-08-2020 with a reservation made in advance. Prices can vary by reservation date.


Off-site Newcastle Parking

Park & Fly | £42.99 for 8 days

Park and Fly Newcastle Airport ParkingPark and Fly has the lowest Newcastle Airport parking charges in the table and offers a fantastic value service. This convenient Park and Ride is just a 5 minute shuttle ride from the airport and you are dropped off right outside the check-in hall. You simply park your car at one of the bays at reception and then hop on the bus. Your car is parked for you and will be waiting at reception when you return. The car park is open 24/7 and has excellent security features in place.



Official Newcastle Parking

Long Stay | £44.49 for 8 days

Long Stay Newcastle Airport ParkingThe Long Stay parking service offers the lowest Newcastle parking cost of the official options in the table. It allows you to choose your own space, park your car yourself and keep the keys, giving you peace of mind that your car will be where you left it when you return. The car park is just a 3 minute walk from the terminal and operates 24/7, so there will be no waiting around for a bus! This is a great value service, especially for stays of a week or more.


Meet & Greet | £55.99 for 8 days*

Meet and Greet Newcastle Airport ParkingFor convenient Newcastle Airport parking, choose the official Meet & Greet option. You can drop-off your car directly outside the terminal at the Fast Track car park and it will be parked securely for you by a professional valet. When you return from your trip, the car will be waiting for you again in the Fast Track car park. The service is operational 24/7 and the car park has Park Mark police security award, ensuring that your car is protected. This service is hassle free allowing you just to walk a few minutes into the check-in hall with your luggage and not worry about having to wait for a bus.


Short Stay | £58.99 for 8 days

Short Stay Newcastle Airport ParkingIf you are looking for a car park close to the terminal, then the Short Stay car park could be ideal. It is just a few minutes’ walk away! Security is guaranteed with being on the airport terrain and there is 24/7 surveillance, security fencing, barriers and CCTV. You can choose your own parking space and keep your keys with this parking option and feel safe in the knowledge your car will be where you left it when you come back. It is the perfect option if you are going away for a weekend or a few days, but has the highest Newcastle Airport parking fees in the table. For longer stays, the Long Stay car park is the better option.


*Please note that the official Meet and Greet service at Newcastle Airport can only be purchased on the official airport website.

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