Glasgow Airport Parking Charges

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If you want to save time trying to find great value Glasgow Airport parking prices, then you are in the right place. We have put together a helpful overview of the Glasgow parking charges to help you save money when choosing to park at Glasgow Airport. Instead of having to search through several different websites you can find all the information you need below and make your booking in less than 20 minutes!

In the table below you will find an overview of prices and parking types for the options available at Glasgow airport. We have split it into official options offered by the airport and the off-site options operated by external companies. Compare Glasgow Airport parking charges based on parking for 8 days. (Please note that not all of the products are available on our site.)


Glasgow Parking Prices

Parking Services

Cost per Week

(8 days)

Cost per Day

Parking Type

Transfer Time

Off-site Parking

Flying Scot



Park and Ride

5 mins

Sky Port



Park and Ride

6 mins

Direct Parking



Park and Ride

2 mins

Official Airport Parking

Long Stay



Park and Ride

5 mins

Short Stay



Park and Walk

2 mins

Fast Track



Park and Walk

1 min

*Table prices based on 12-07-2021 to 19-07-2021 with a reservation made in advance. Prices can vary by reservation date.


Off-site Glasgow Parking


Flying Scot | £29.99 for 8 days

Flying Scot Glasgow Airport





Flying Scot Park and Ride has one of the lowest Glasgow parking cost available. You simply park your car in a free space and pocket your keys before hopping on the shuttle bus. Buses take just 5 minutes to reach the airport and leave on-demand meaning you will not have to wait long. The staff are more than happy to help you with your luggage too! 

This car park is not available on Parkhero.


Sky Port | £31.99 for 8 days

Sky Port Glasgow Airport


Sky Port Park and Ride is one of the closest off-site car parks to the airport with transfers to the terminal taking just 6 minutes. It is a self-park car park with 2700 spaces, so you will have plenty of choice and get to keep your keys with you. Sky Port has been offering parking for 10 years and knows how to keep your car secure. The number plate recognition system ensures that only registered vehicles can enter and exit the car park.


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Direct Parking | £34.99 for 8 days

Direct Parking Glasgow Airport


Direct Parking has the shortest Glasgow Airport parking transfer at just 2 minutes with an on-demand shuttle! It is also a self-park service with number plate recognition at the entry and exit barriers. You simply choose your space and hop on the transfer bus without having to hand in your keys. This is a great value no frills service that is ideal for saving money for the fun things during your trip!


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Official Stansted Parking


Long Stay | £39.99 for 8 days

Long Stay Glasgow Airport


The Long Stay car park offers the cheapest Glasgow Airport parking fees out of the official options. It is located on the airport terrain offering you the extra security of regular airport patrols and is less than 5 minutes to the terminal on the transfer bus. It is a self-park service, allowing you to also keep your keys for extra peace of mind.


Short Stay | £55.24 for 8 days

Short Stay Glasgow Airport


The Short Stay car park at Glasgow Airport is just a few minutes’ walk away from the main terminal, meaning you will not need to wait around. Simply choose a space, unload your luggage and be at check-in in minutes. There is 24-hour security and you can choose to park in the multi-storey or external section. 


Fast Track | £79.04 for 8 days


Fast Track Glasgow Airport


Fast Track parking offers the closest and most convenient parking at Glasgow Airport. You get premium access to the terminal with this car park and can be at the priority security gates in just minutes. Priority security is included in the price! Parking is undercover and you will also benefit from 24 hour security on the airport terrain. 


*Please note that official car parking services can only be booked through the official Glasgow Airport website.

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