Dublin Airport Parking Prices

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Deciding which to choose when looking for Dublin Airport parking can be tricky, as there are many different offers out there.  In this article we will help you make your decision with a clear overview of Dublin Airport parking prices and a description of each service. Whether you are looking for a Park and Ride or a Park and Walk parking option, you will find the best deal with Parkhero below.

Dublin Airport Parking Prices

Parking ServicesCost per WeekType + DistanceTransfer Time
Clayton Hotel£78.258 min shuttleBook
Carlton Hotel£87.263 min shuttle-
Crystal Valet£93.14Valet + 2 min walk-
Holiday Blue Long Term£46.0015 min shuttle-
Express Red Long Term£62.005 min shuttle-
Terminal Short Term£124.954 min walk-


Dublin Airport Parking Rates

The table above shows the Dublin Airport car parking prices for each option split by off-site and official car parks. Off-site car parks are operated by external companies, while official car parks are operated by the airport itself. Each has its own distinct advantages and below you can easily compare car parking options available at Dublin Airport. To learn more about the cheapest parking Dublin Airport, check out our useful blog!


Clayton Hotel | £78.25 for 8 days

Clayton Hotel Parking Dublin

Clayton Hotel is just 8 minutes by free shuttle from the airport with buses running every 25 minutes. It offers some of the lowest Dublin Airport parking charges and is great value for money. You get to park your car yourself in an underground car park and unlike many other parking options you can keep your car keys. This gives you greater peace of mind that your car will be as you left it when you return. There is also CCTV, security barriers and regular patrols. Customers can also make use of the hotel café 24/7, perfect for those early morning flights.

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Carlton Hotel | £87.26 for 8 days

Carlton Hotel Parking Dublin

This Carlton Hotel Park and Ride service is only 3 minutes transfer from Dublin Airport. The bus runs on the hour and the half hour (every 30 minutes), ensuring that you will always be able to make your flight. You are welcome to use the comfortable hotel lobby while you wait for the bus. While you are away your car will be kept secure with 24 hour security, including a security barrier and CCTV. This is another great value parking option for Dublin Airport.

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Holiday Blue Long Term | £46.00 for 8 days

This long-term car park provided by the airport has the cheapest Dublin Airport car park charges in the table. It is just off the M50 via exit 4 and is a 10 minute bus transfer from the airport terminals. The car park is a great choice for those longer trips and is ideal if you have those early morning or late night flights with shuttles running 24 hours.


Express Red Long Term | £62.00 for 8 days

Another great value long-term car park, the Express Red Long Term car park has the 3rd cheapest parking prices Dublin Airport. It is only a 5 minute bus transfer to the airport terminals and is the closest long-term car park to the airport. After renovation, it now has new parking surfaces, security lighting and 24 hour security and bus services.


Terminal Short Term | £124.95 for 8 days

One of the most convenient car parks, but with the highest airport parking prices, the Terminal Short Term car parks are right next to each terminal. You can park up, grab your cases and walk between 2 and 4 minutes to the airport terminal.


Please note that official Dublin Airport car parks cannot be booked on Parkhero. Table prices based on a week (8 days) in May 2024 with a reservation made in advance. Prices can vary by reservation date.

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