Birmingham Airport Parking Prices

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Choosing where to park at Birmingham Airport can be a bit of a headache. In this article we will help you make that decision with an overview of Birmingham Airport parking and how much you can expect to pay for a period of 8 days. Whether you are looking for Park and Ride, Meet and Greet or Park and Walk services, you will be able to find the best price for your trip below. Save money on your trip and spend it on the fun things!

Birmingham Airport Parking Prices

Parking ServicesCost per Week (8 days)Cost per DayParking TypeTransfer Time
Park & Ride£24.99£3.12Park & Ride10 mins (Shuttle)
APH£46.96£5.87Park & Ride15 mins (Shuttle)
Maple Parking£62.25£7.78Meet & Greet2 minutes (Walk)
Ace Parking£62.25£7.78Meet & Greet2 minutes (Walk)
Car Park 7£49.99£6.25Park & Walk10 minutes (Walk)
Car Park 5£73.49£9.19Park & Walk10 minutes (Walk)
Valet Parking£89.49£11.19Meet & Greet1 minutes
Car Park 4£96.49£12.06Park & Walk5 minutes


There is a clear price difference between the different parking types in the table and this is mainly due to the convenience offered by each. Park and Ride services offer great value for money parking and have the lowest Birmingham Airport car park charges. You will need to wait for a bus, but can save more than £20 on your parking! If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, then Park and Walk services offered by the airport make reaching the terminals easy. You will be just a few minutes’ walk away.

Below you will find a table showing both off-site and official Birmingham Airport car parking prices. Off-site parking services are provided by external companies with your vehicle being parked off the main airport site. Official parking services are operated by the airport itself on the airport terrain. Each comes with its own advantages and in the table you will see that off-site Birmingham Airport parking charges are often lower. *Please note that not all of the products are available on our site.


Park and Ride Birmingham | £24.99 for 8 days

Park and Ride Birmingham Airport

The cheapest Birmingham parking option is Park and Ride at Birmingham Airport at £24.99 for 8 days. That is more than £20 cheaper than the next available option! This great value service is just a 10 minute transfer from the airport and offers high quality security systems to ensure that your car is kept secure for the duration of your trip. 


APH Parking | £46.96 for 8 days

APH Parking Birmingham Airport

APH is a brand you will find at many airports across the country and offers one of the cheapest parking prices Birmingham Airport. APH is a national brand with many years of experience in the industry, guaranteeing you an excellent Park and Ride service. The shuttle takes only 15 minutes to reach the terminal with shuttles running on demand, so no need to wait around! 


Maple Parking | £62.25 for 8 days

Maple Parking Birmingham Airport

Maple Parking offers the cheapest Meet and Greet airport parking prices Birmingham. Simply drop your car off just outside the terminal and a uniformed driver will greet you. Your car will be checked over and then parked in a secure off-site car park. When you return, your car will be ready and waiting for you in the same spot.


Ace Parking | £62.25 for 8 days

Ace Parking Birmingham Airport

Ace Parking offers you a fantastic stress-free Meet and Greet option, allowing you to drop your car off just a few minutes’ walk from the terminals. Give Ace a call 15 minutes before your arrival and uniformed valets will be waiting to greet you. Unpack your luggage and make the short walk to the terminal, while your car is parked securely off-site. You can easily shave 30 minutes off your journey with this easy service.


Car Park 7 | £49.99 for 8 days

Car Park 7 is the cheapest official option at Birmingham Airport with a 5 to 10 minute transfer running 4 times an hour. Your car will be kept securely in this NCP operated car park on the airport terrain. Booking in advance ensures you can enjoy this great price, but don't forget that the cheapest off-site option is half the price and has the same transfer time to the airport!


Car Park 5 | £73.49 for 8 days

Car Park 5 is the 2nd cheapest Official option in the table as it is one of the furthest away from the main buildings. It is a 5 to 10 minute walk from the terminal and there is also a free shuttle option with buses running every 15 minutes. There is a number plate recognition system in place, so you can park your car yourself and keep your keys. This gives you an extra sense of security and you will also benefit from the additional security of being on the airport terrain.


Valet Parking | £89.49 for 8 days

The most expensive option in the table, Valet Parking allows you to drop your car off directly at the terminal. You can then drop off your keys at the Valet reception and your car will be parked a secure airport car park. This is a very convenient service, as you don’t need to worry about finding a space. Ideal if you are going to be in a rush!


Car Park 4 | £96.49 for 8 days

Car Park 4 is slightly closer to the main terminals as it takes just 3 to 5 minutes to walk or 5 minutes on the bus, with buses every 15 minutes. It is a very convenient option and offers you great security for your vehicle. There is a number plate recognition system in place, allowing you to park your car yourself and keep the keys.



Please note that official Birmingham Airport car parks 7, 5, 4 and Valet parking cannot be booked through Parkhero. Table prices based on a week (8 days) between 10-08-2020 and 17-08-2020 with a reservation made in advance. Prices can vary by reservation date.

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